Ultra Safe Safety Scissors & Pencil Grip Training Kit (The Pencil Grip, Inc. Reviews)

The Pencil Grip, Inc. sent us two of their products to review: The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors and The 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit.  We have used the Pencil Grips in the past so I was excited to have new ones to add to our collection.  We had never used the Safety Scissors before so kids were looking forward to trying them.

These scissors are really neat.  They are super safety scissors!!  The clear plastic guard that covers the moving cutting arm only leaves enough room for a piece of paper to get in between the blades.  I didn’t worry about the kids cutting their fingers (or crayons, or toys…..) when they used them.  The guard is a little bit longer than the blunt scissor blades, another great safety feature.

Evie (age 6) liked cutting with them.  She said “I can’t even cut my skin with these!”  She sat quietly and made many little crafts.  Her little slices of pizza were really cute!

Thomas (age 5) used them, but didn’t have any patience for them.  He doesn’t like to sit and work on much yet.  I’ll keep these with our craft items so he can try again when he’s ready.

I was having a hard time getting used to cutting with them.  I really needed to pay attention to feed the paper into the little opening.  The more I cut with them, the easier it became.

We really do like to use these pencil grips.  There are three different ones.  The green one in the above picture (The Crossover Grip) is the one to start with.  It helps to get your fingers in the right position on the pencil.  The red one (The Pinch Grip) is the next step.  Your fingers have a little more freedom, but are still guided to hold the pencil correctly.  The blue (The Pencil Grip) on is the final step.  It’s smaller and has just enough curve to it to help hold the pencil.

One feature I like is that there is an “R” and a “L” on the grips.  This helps right handed and left handed writers to hold the grip correctly.

Evie is still using the first step one and David (age 11) is using the final step one.  They don’t use them all the time, but they choose to use them quite often.  I like it when they use them because they hold the pencil so much better when they do.

You can find The Pencil Grip, Inc on these social media sites:

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Wordless Wednesday 

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Wordless Wednesday 

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Wordless Wednesday 

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Channie’s Quick and Neat Alphabet Pad Review

The Quick & Neat Alphabet Pad from Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks provides an excellent writing paper for doing daily copywork!  We were excited to have Evie (1st Grade) use this for the purpose of this review.  She is reading and writing so much more this year.  She is really enjoying school now.  I’m doing all I can to teach her good handwriting habits.  So far so good.  She loves to hear she’s got the best handwriting out of all her siblings.  Considering she’s #6 our of #7, that’s a title she’s mighty proud of!!

We received a pad of 80 two sided handwriting sheets. These sheets are nice and thick.  We sometimes write with markers and we won’t get bleed through with these.  The Quick & Neat Alphabet Pad – (PreK-1st)  sheets are unique because the have well defined rectangles for each individual letter. This is great to correct letter formation. It’s easy to see what portion of the letter goes in the “upstairs” and which part goes in the “downstairs”.

Evie used this as a way to understand where her letters go and how they are formed.  She prefers to write in all capitals because she knows that all take up the same area on the lines.   Using these blocks made writing lower case letters a little easier for her.  I plan on having David (6th grade) write some things on this paper too.  He gets very sloppy and I think he will benefit from using this even though he’s above the recommended ages.

I think this is a great tool to teach handwriting.  I like that you can choose a blank tablet or the alphabet and letters.  I also like that you can teach cursive with the same format.  I think this would make a great transition from print to cursive.

Here are some other products from Channie’s:

Easy Peasy Alphabet – PreK-1st:

My First Letters – PreK-1st:

Easy Peasy Cursive – 1st to 3rd:

One Page a Day: Double Digit Math Problem Workbook – 1st to 3rd:

You can find Channie’s Visual Handwriting and Math Workbooks on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/channiesworkbook  Tag:   @channiesworkbook

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Super Teacher Worksheets Review

I love the variety of printables available with the Individual Membership from Super Teacher Worksheets.  It is so  convenient to easily find worksheets for subjects we are studying.  I’m so glad to have to chance participate in this review.  We used Super Teacher Worksheets two years ago and we loved it then too!  The link to the blog post is a the bottom.

This year we have a Kindergartener, a first grader and a sixth grader.  We are working on many different scout badges, American History, Ancient Egypt, world geography,  three levels of math and three levels of reading. I was able to find worksheets to go with all of these.

Super Teacher Worksheets are full of pfd worksheets on any given subject!  There is also a worksheet generator to make your own!!  As I prep school for the week or further, I have browsed the website and printed out what I needed.  There is also a file box on the site to save items for later.  I have liked the ease of signing in on any computer with internet access.  I also searched the site on my phone and saved worksheets to print when I got home.  It made planning easy when I was on the go.

Evie is in first grade this year and has discovered a love of reading!!  She’s reading everything she can.  We printed out of few of these books to give her something else to easily pick up and read.

In our geography study we learn a little about each country including the animals that live there.  We recently studied Nicaragua and learned about sea turtles.  I printed out these reading comprehension sheets and read it to the kids as part of our study.  It included a lot of really interesting information. There were also comprehension questions, puzzles and writing prompts.

We are about to learn about Belize and I printed this sheet about armadillos.

Here is David (sixth grade) with some multiplication practice. He likes to do fun activities as a review. He’s working on a multiplication chart.

Here is a map we used with our American Revolution Unit. This was a nice visual when discussing the original thirteen colonies. It was hard for the kids to believe that this was the size of our country at one time.

Evie is working on some seasonal reading and handwriting here. This fall worksheet was fun for her. She liked the cut and paste sentence words and drawing the picture at the bottom. She didn’t really like the handwriting portion but she did it so I’m counting that as a win.

There are many more great printables!  Here is a scavenger hunt:

Here’s a fun way to do spelling words:

Telling time practice:

Our family had the opportunity to use Super Teacher Worksheets two years ago.  So many things have changed in our school since then.  At the beginning of the 2015 school year we had a high school junior, a third grader , a preschooler and a toddler.  We used many different worksheets this time around. Here is the link to that blog post and what we used then.

You can find Super Teacher Worksheets on these social media sites:


Many other families on the Homeschool Review Crew had the opportunity to use Super Teacher Worksheets too.  Click on the link below to see which ones they used and what they thought about them.
Super Teacher Worksheets
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Wordless Wednesday 

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