Rock hunting

Have you hunted for cool painted rocks in your area? We had so much fun looking for hidden painted rocks in our community. We found one st the library and one at the community center. Don’t tell my kids that I had an ulterior motive. They got some exercise walking around the path for one lap and playing in the playground. I’m looking forward to painting, hiding and finding rocks and so are the kids!!

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Drive Thru History- The Gospels Review

I was so excited when I heard about this review!!!  I have always wanted to use Drive Thru History® videos for our homeschool.  We received their new series: Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”.  This was perfect timing for us.  We used it through Lent and Easter.  It was just what we needed!  We not only looked at Jesus’ death, but we did a more in depth study about his entire life. This really put Easter into perspective for us.

This special edition set is awesome!  It comes in a beautiful case, inside it looks like a book (because it is) and holds 3 disks with 6 episodes each for a total of 18 episodes. The book has gorgeous pictures from the video, and each episode has a summery and some discussion questions.

My first exposure to Drive Thru History was many years ago when our youth group at church watched episodes for their VBS.  All the kids LOVED it!  It shows Biblical truths in an educational and entertaining way.

My son David (age 11) and I enjoyed watching this series.  We watched about 3 or 4 episodes per week while eating our lunch.  Then we went over the discussion questions.  I hope in the future we can spend more time with the discussion questions and rereading the passages that this was taken from. I think as David gets older our study with take on new depth.

One of the things we loved was to see the actual places that Jesus saw.  How awe inspiring to see what Jesus was looking at and what was around him.  We loved that historical documents other than the Bible were sited to show that these places and people really and truly existed outside the Bible.  Also recent (and old) archeological finds were shown and explained.

I’m not sure how tour guides in Jerusalem and surrounding areas conduct there tours, but I don’t think any one of them could be as thorough and entertaining as Dave Stotts is. My David really liked seeing all the fascinating places and seeing the Bible tie into all of it but, he would have to say his absolute favorite episode would be the one with “car becue”.  Dave prepares his food to cook while he drives from place to place.  He places a roast in foil with all the seasonings and wraps it up tight.  He wires it to the engine of vehicle and by the end of the day he’s eating his “car becue”.  David is hoping to see Dave do more things like that!!

David was on the young side of the recommended age for this series.  Although this is great family viewing, it’s recommended for 5th grade to adult.  Even though I paid close attention to the episodes I know I missed some details.  So much is shared!  I know David didn’t catch it all this time around and I look forward to going through these again and again!!!

I’m also going to add the other series to our homeschool curriculum.  These were a great fit for us.

You can find Drive Thru History on these social media sites:

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The Gospels {Drive Thru History® Reviews}Crew Disclaimer

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Planet 316 Daily Bible Jigsaw Review




Do you like to play games on your phone?  I do, but I have a hard time finding good ones. Here’s a fun one for you to try.  I had the opportunity to review a Daily Bible Jigsaw game from Planet 316. I like this one for a few reasons, it’s a fun puzzle and when you have it done it comes into clear focus a Bible verse appears!  You get a new puzzle every day. 

 I enjoy playing this when the kids went to bed.  It was a nice quiet activity to end my day.  My kids liked to play this on my phone every chance they could!  Evie (6) would ask all the time to play!  She is really good at it!!!

Daily Bible Jigsaw is a free download.  I got the app from the itunes store for my iphone.  The game is also available at Google Play and through Facebook (here or here).

I received 500 Puzzle Coins worth $39.99.  These coins come in very handy when solving the puzzles. The coins can be used for the following functions:

  • Rotate- turns the puzzle pieces to be the correct orientation
  • Guide- shows the complete puzzle so you can see what it looks like
  • Sweep- sweeps all pieces to the sides
  • Magnet- puts any two random pieces together
  • Edges- shows only the edge pieces

I really enjoyed being able to use these helps.  My favorite was Edges and Sweep.

There’s even a Fun Friends option so you can compete with your friends for the high score!

You can find Planet 316 on these social media sites:

Planet 316 is a company that loves both technology and sharing the gospel of Jesus with people all over the world.  On their website they share Proverbs 17:22 “A joyful heart is good medicine”.  It’s very refreshing to know that this company is putting out fun products that we can have the family play without worry!!!  They have many other games available too!  Check out their website for more information.

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Daily Bible Jigsaw {Planet 316 Reviews}

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Easter Fun

Everyone was here for dinner. We had an Easter egg hunt with candy filled eggs before dark and a glow stick filled hunt after dark. 

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Resurrection Rolls

Here is one of our long standing Easter traditions. Re-telling jesus’ death and resurrection with this fun activity. 

We dip marshmallows (Jesus’ body) in oil (melted butter) and spices (cinnamon and sugar) and wrap in linen (crescent rolls). The we place them in the tomb (350 degree oven) for three days (10-12 minutes)

Roman soldiers guard the tomb until the angel comes. The soldiers fall dead and the stone is rolled away (oven door opened). 

When the linen is opened Jesus’s body is gone. 

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Cub Scout career arrow

Our pack makes a big deal about receiving your Arrow of Light Award! The ceremony was awesome and they wanted to make sure the boys had something to remember this by. We made “career arrows”.  This arrow shows all of David’s achievements from the time he started cub scouts. We also included some of his Nana’s things since she passed away during this time. To say David appreciated this gift is an understatement!! He had no idea we had been working on for him. We were provided a plain arrow and the wood with the cut out. Each parent customized from there for their scout. He insisted it got hung up above his bed as soon as he got home. 

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Shepherd, Potter, Spy–and the Star Namer Book Review

One of my very favorite types of books is historical fiction, so when I had the opportunity to review Shepherd, Potter, Spy–and the Star Namer by Peggy Consolver – Author I couldn’t wait to get it.  Just from reading the description of the book I thought that Allie and I would love it.  Unfortunately, she didn’t have a chance to read it yet as she is finishing up her senior year.  She has been super busy with her school work and completing many American Heritage Girls badges.  She is also starting her Girl Scout Gold Award.  So I carved out a few quiet mommy moments to dig into this book myself.

This story retells the popular Bible story of Joshua leading the Israelites to the Promise Lane from the perspective of a 13 year old shepherd boy named Keshub.  Keshub is the 5th son in a Bronze Age Potter’s family in the land of Gibeon.  He is always either trying to do things like his big brothers or being annoyed by his younger ones.   Keshub is trying to find favor in his father’s eyes.

Kesheb’s family first learns of the Israelites coming from a caravanner who for years has stopped to visit and trade.  This welcome visitor has shared many tales about his travels from all over.  The family loves gather and listen.  This time it was not a story, but a warning.  The family did heed the warning and began to watch and prepare for the threat of the Israelites.  We see the worry through Kasheb and his family’s eyes as the Hebrews make their way through Canaan.

Peggy Consolver wanted to get a little more up close and personal to the topic she was writing about.  She joined an 18 day archeological excavation in city of Khiret el-Maqatir, Israel. In the Old Testament this city was Ai and it’s the setting of this interesting story.  As she sifted and dug looking for pieces of pottery and other relics, she could picture the people who were here many, many years ago.  This gave her a greater understanding of the everyday life of the people of Khiret el-Maqatir.

I was a little concerned when I started this book as I am a slower reader and sometimes books with a lot of historical information can be overwhelming for me. There is even a page in the front that tells you who everyone is.  This seemed a little daunting to me.  I definitely had no trouble with this one. Characters and places were introduced slowly so I was able to know what was going on with whom all the time.

This would be great as read aloud for David (11 years old).  The chapters are not too long.  We could easily read one or two chapters a day, even with the distraction of 2 busy younger siblings.  I would not recommend this as a reader for him at this age.  I think this would be more on a high school or adult reading level.

Ms. Consolver has made a study guide available.  It separates the book into 13 units.  These contain maps, videos, discussion questions and other information about the Bronze Age.

You can connect with the author, Peggy Consolver on Facebook.

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Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer {Peggy Consolver Reviews}Crew Disclaimer

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