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Our busy summer

Our busy summer has already started. I’ve been ready for it since spring break, but I always am. Here are a few pictures from our trip to Busch Gardens last week. Make sure to click on the link to see all the pictures.

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Our Week in Review

I thought I would post what a “typical” week looks like here.  I plan on posting about future weeks and you’ll see that our days can look very different from each other. I will be sharing what curriculum we are using and will include links.

Sunday: David came home from camping with the Boy Scouts and Allie headed back to college.

Monday: Co-op day

Tuesday: Evie (1st grade) does her school work with me first.

When Evie was done (it takes about an hour) it was David’s turn.  He is in 6th grade this year.

After lunch Evie and David do a little school together.  Today they did a geography lesson from Let’s Go Geography.  We in the continent of Africa.  We learned about Tanzania.  This has been a great for both of their learning styles.  David is very auditory and Evie is hands on.  We have all learned so much from this curriculum.  I was pleased when Evie recognized the flags from Sweden and Norway while we where at an American Heritage Girl International Night.

Tuesday night was Girl Scouts for Evie and Boy Scouts for David.

Wednesday we took a little trip to Virginia Beach.  Katie had a dentist appointment so we planned a few fun things to do while there.  We stopped at the mall, looked around and had lunch.  We drove through our old neighborhood.  So many things were different and so many things were the same.  Then we went to the park at Mount Trashmore.  This really has changed since the big kids were little.  It was a little chilly, but we had fun.  We headed home after this.

Thursday: We had the pleasure of helping friends of ours welcome some family at the airport.  We stayed for a little while and had lunch and browsed the gift shop.  Evie and Thomas (5) were given pencils with fun airplane shaped erasers.  They thought this was pretty cool!!

Friday: Evie’s school was very similar to Tuesday.  David started reading Shades of Gray today.  This is another book about the Civil War.  We are also using the Civil War Trails maps to visit as many sites as we can.  Today’s geography lesson was Ghana.  This is the last county we will study in Africa this year.  Let’s Go Geography is a three year program.  The kids are already looking forward to add more countries to the continents we started.

Dinner was pizza. We try to do that each week. We got to spend the evening all together. George was been working crazy long hours with few days off. It was nice to be together and Home.

Saturday- Girl Scout cookie booth and birthday party.

Whew! That was a busy week!!!