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Heroes of History: Abraham Lincoln Review

YWAM Publishing offered us several choices from their Heroes of History series of books and we chose to review Heroes of History- Abraham Lincoln.  YWAM Publishing also sent us a Study Guide to go along with our book.

My son David and I are finishing up his second year of American History.  We have taken the last few months to learn about the Civil War and are at the tail end of our study.  This book about Abraham Lincoln was a perfect book to take a closer look at the man who was president during this time.

The book begins when Abe was a young boy.  It was interesting to learn about Mr. Lincoln’s very humble beginnings and all the hardships in his life.  He was very hard working and determined to learn.  There were very few opportunities for Abe to have formal schooling but he constantly sought out ways to be educated.

His family moved west when he was young, he helped his father build their family’s home.  Sadly, Abe’s mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln died from “milk sickness” in 1818.  This was an interesting bunny trail that we followed.  We learned that when cows ate white snakeroot they would pass this poison through their milk before they showed any signs of being sick.  People would drink the milk, then the cow would get the “trembles”.  When this happened people knew it was just a matter of time before those who drank the milk would die.  We learned that it wasn’t until 1928 that the white snakeroot plant was discovered to be what caused the mysterious trembles.

This was a sad time in the Lincoln house.  Thomas (Abe’s father), Sarah (Abe’s sister) and Abe mourned the loss of Mrs Lincoln.  Fourteen months after her death Thomas declared he was going back to Kentucky to get a wife.  He returned with his new wife Sally Johnston and her three children.  Abe was not sure how this new arrangement would work out, but Sally was a wonderful step mother and the children quickly all became like siblings.

The story then follows Abe through a series of jobs.  He chops wood for steam boats, ferries people to missed steam boats, he helped build a flat bottom boat and delivered a shipment of sweet potatoes and corn to New Orleans.  With each job he learns more, collects more books and observes more people.  He works in general stores, a post office and eventually has an interest in law.  He works very hard and becomes a lawyer.

This book has so many details about Abraham Lincoln’s life.  It is written in a conversational tone that is great for read alouds.  Many ages can come away learning so many interesting things.  The study guide is a great addition to this book.  There is a map of the United States and a map of Illinois.  This was great to see where things in the story were taking place.  There is also a timeline.  We love using timelines to get an ideas of the order of all these events.  We like to compare them with things we’ve learned in the past.

The study guide also contains many great activities to do as you read through the book.  There are questions for the end of each chapter, the answers in included at the end.  There are vocabulary words to define, writing prompts to use and suggested reading and movies.  Crafts, field trips and a culminating event are also suggested.

David and I used the end of the chapter questions and the writing prompts.  He is also planning a culminating event.  He wants to have a dinner showcasing food from that time period.  He is also hoping to watch one of the documentaries listed in the guide.

I can honestly say I love all the Heroes of History books that we have read!  We have also read one Christian Heroes books too. I’m seriously considering using the Christian Heroes books for a study about missionaries next year.

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