Wow!  Couponing is suddenly popular again!  I have “couponed” and “refunded” forever at some level!  Extreme couponing on TLC has been very interesting!  I have learned a few things, but a lot of it has been entertaining so far!  I would love to hoard some of the stuff those people do because we would actually USE it!!!  Do you know how quickly we would go through some of that stuff here!!!!  I would love to know there is another roll of toilet paper in the house after I was just told “Mom, there’s no more toilet paper in here”  We live at least 30 minutes from a decent store, so a shower full of tp would be GREAT!!!  (I so would not store it in the shower! but then we wouldn’t need to clean the shower, but no, I would not store it there!)  I also couldn’t store things in the kids’ rooms! Possession is 99% of the law isn’t it?  I would never see it again!  LOL!  I can see it now, one kid has the toilet paper and another has 77 bottles of mustard…I’ll trade you 1 square of tp for your mustard!  It would not go over well!  I do have some closet space I would love to fill with stuff!  We sure have had our fair share of “recession” shopping here 😦  I would LOVE to have a stock pile!  So….I have started couponing again!  Yay!

I have done 3 pretty good trips so far! The first one was to Harris Teeter cause they were doing “super doubles”.  They will be doing it again starting tomorrow.  Unfortunately they are about an hour from here.  I was able to stop there after ball practice last time, but it looks like it will be rained out this week (good for the gas budget though!)

The next trip was to Walmart.  I really didn’t think this was going to be good, no real sales to shop by and no doubles.  I did have a few free product coupons that I was saving so that did help.  My total before coupons was $151.18 and the total after was $127.69.  This was actually enough food for 9 for the weekend and 7 for the rest of the week!  I was able to find the Idaho instant potato coupon that Tiffany talked about on Extreme Couponing.  I got $1 off any 3 packages of potatoes.  The smallest bags were $.42 each x 3= $1.26 -$1.00=.$26 /3  Yay!  I did it!!!  The kids have been eating them too!!!  I only got 6 bags, I will be getting more.  I am not brave enough to fill a whole cart full, that and I don’t have 100 like coupons!  Let’s see…what else that trip…free hair color, 2 free cans of cat food, free coffee creamer, $.74 diaper cream, a few $.50 boxes of pasta, a good deal on Stouffer’s mac and cheese and some beef hot dogs!  I will be checking out Walmart again tonight if I get a chance while I’m out!

The next trip was Food Lion.  Food Lion has an MVP card that will give you the sale price only if you get your card scanned.  I would NEVER have bought what I did there without the card!  The regular prices were too high, but I was careful and stuck to my list!  I got everything I needed for Easter dinner and a few more meals to round out the week.  I saved $67.19 ($45.45 in MVP savings) and paid $98.50!  The cashier (who was a manager) and the guy behind me was impressed!  Yay!!!  I was able to get Philly Cooking creme for $.50 each, plus there was one of those blinking coupon dispensers with more $1.50 coupons!  SCORE!!!  It had a sensor on it so it wouldn’t just keep giving them to me!  So we stalked it for a while and ended up with 11!  Don’t worry there are plenty left in that one and I only bought 2 of the cooking creme!  No shelf clearing here!  I was also able to get Birds Eye Cheesy Chicken Family Size dinner for $2.99!!!  It was $7.99 – $2 MVP=$5.99 – $3.00 coupon from their Facebook page!!!  We’ve never had it, but for that price I’m willing to try it!  I got 3 Dannimals yogurt packs for $1 each!!!  Some more $.50 pasta and a great deal on toilet paper and paper towels!  Need to find another good deal as we are just about out again 😦

About a month ago: I was also able to find a great deal at Walgreens on diapers.  I bought 6 of their store brand regularly priced at $8.99 each.  I was able to use manufacturing coupons, store coupons, a special discount day and a mail in rebate and pain $1.50 per pack of diapers!!!  WooHoo!!!!  I hope that deal comes up again before we run out!

I am so glad that it is much easier to coupon now.  All I do is look online and the deals are right there for me!  I actually had to do work before the days of the internet (I didn’t just say that, I’m not that old!!!).  It’s been fun, but necessary to put gas in our van!  12 miles to the gallon and living out in the middle to no where is getting VERY expensive!!!  I hope all this attention to couponing is a good thing and saves people money and not a bad thing that ends coupons!!!

Maddie and Evelyn


Adventures in couponing!

I have not been a crazy coupon lady in about 16 years.  It is so much easier now because of the internet…all the work is done for you! Just look it up and shop!  And so I did!  Last night I tried  out  Harris Teeter’s Super Double coupons.  I spent $24 and saved $30!  Some of my finds were: Wisk laundry detergent for $1.99, Folgers coffee brick .$97, Bailey’s coffee creamer FREE, Triscuit crackers (family size) $.99 and Chicken of the Sea tuna $.45 per can!!!  Not too shabby!  Off to Walmart today for some regular groceries and hopefully some bargains!!!