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God is Better Than Trucks: Picture Book Review

Today I want to introduce you to the delightful children’s book God is Better than Trucks published by Christian Focus.

This book is a great size for reading aloud to little ones.  This hard cover book has a sturdy binding and 48 nice thick pages.  I shared this book with my 6 year old son, Thomas.  He loves trucks and construction vehicles.  He’s also learning his letters so this was a great book for him.

Each letter has a “vehicle” to go with it.  Best of all, you learn how God is better than each vehicle.  All of these are strong and mighty, but God is bigger and stronger than all of them.  This was a great message for a truck loving boy.  Each page has a Bible verse.  These would be great as memory verses.

The pictures are bright and engaging.  The text is short enough on each page that Thomas didn’t get bored.  I enjoyed sharing this book with him.  We were able to talk about God’s strength in a way that we hadn’t before.  This is a nice addition to our library.

Since the early 1970’s Christian Focus Publishing’s purpose has been to share the gospel.  They have produced books in more than 70 languages from many different authors all around the world.  They have a few series available.  The books that The Homeschool Review Crew got to review are from the CF4K series.  These are for children.  Great for homeschooling and Sunday School.

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Big Bible Science, Elizabeth Prentiss, God is Better than Princesses, God is Better than Trucks. {Christian Focus Reviews}

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Nothing (Nothing can Separate You from God’s Love ~ Book Review

Today I want to introduce you to the delightful children’s picture book titled Nothing by Natalee Creech and published by WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group.  We received a beautiful 32 page hardcover children’s book. It has sturdy, glossy pages and a nice binding.  This book was built to read over and over again.  We read a lot of books together and thought this would be a great addition.  I was right!  We loved it!  This would make a great addition to anyone’s home or church library.

This sweet rhyming book goes through all the things that you may think separate you from God. Then reassures you that NOTHING at all can separate you from God’s love!!!

I read this with my 8 year old daughter. She really enjoyed it. We talked about how we might think during these trials that God is not with us, but that He really is.

We also spent time looking at all the detail in the illustrations.

Look at the camel’s face!

We have read some great books from WorthyKids and have loved each and every one of them.  Here are a few reviews of other ones we have read: The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls (book 1 and 2), The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls (book 3 and 4), Planet 316 Story Bible.

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Drive Thru History- Acts to Revelation Review

We enjoy Drive Thru History® here at my house so everyone was thrilled when Drive Thru History®  “Acts to Revelation” arrived! If you have read my blog before you will know that I LOVE Drive Thru History!!!  It is such a fun and entertaining way to learn history.  We have enjoyed their  American history and Bible history.  We had reviewed The Gospels before (you can see that review here).  Now with the addition of this new one, Acts to Revelation we have the ENTIRE New Testament.

We love to watch the episodes together.  Sometimes it’s with my middle schooler and my littles, sometimes it’s with my college age student home for spring break.  It is a time to stop, grab some popcorn and be together and learn.

I am fascinated with Bible history and the story behind the story.  Dave Stotts of Drive Thru History takes you to the part of the world where these things actually happened and tells the entire story.  It’s beautiful how more and more of the ancient past is being revealed and proving what we already know from the Bible.

Here are the Episode Titles:

Episode 1: The Gospel shared at Pentecost
Episode 2: The Church grows at Jerusalem
Episode 3: The Gospel Spreads o the Gentiles
Episode 4: Saul of Tarsus & the Road to Damascus
Episode 5: Paul’s first Missionary Journey: The island of Cyprus
Episode 6: The Journey Continues: Pamphylia, Glatia & Asia Minor
Episode 7: The Jerusalem Council & Paul’s Second Missionary Journey
Episode 8: The Second Journey Continues: Philippi and Thessalonica
Episode 9: A Road Trip to Athens
Episode 10: Ancient Corinth
Episode 11: Paul’s Third Missionary Journey: Ephesus
Episode 12: Paul’s Final Trip to Trip to Jerusalem & Caesarea
Episode 13: Jesus Arrives in Jerusalem
Episode 14: A Final Journey to Rome
Episode 15: The Martyrdom of Paul & Peter
Episode 16:John and the Island of Patmos
Episode 17: The Seven Churches of Revelation
Episode 18: The Book Closes on the New Testament Period

This series starts with Acts.  I love Acts!  It sets up the church after Jesus’ death and resurrection.  I loved seeing where this took place.  I’m not sure I’ll be visiting there anytime soon, but I know what it looks like now.

In each episode paintings from many different time periods are shown.  They are absolutely gorgeous, it’s neat to see how the art styles changed, but depicted the same Biblical story.

We skipped around a little this time and didn’t work straight through the episodes.  I kinda wanted to skip to the last chapter and see what happened.  I know the Revelation story and wanted to see how Dave did it.  It’s not what I expected, but I loved it!  He read the letters to each of the 7 churches and went to those cities and showed us around.  Not all of them are cities today, some are buried.  It was neat to see the map, how far away they were from each other and what they looked like.  Sometimes perspective is amazing!  It was a great way learn about the 7 churches in Revelation.  The last episode is a great wrap up of the New Testament and the gospel message.

My favorite episodes were 1, 4 and 17.  I will definitely be coming back and watching the series again.  I realized as I am in planning mode for next year that The Gospels Series and Acts to Revelation are each 18 episodes and come with study guides.  That’s 36 lessons!  The number of weeks we usually plan school.  This would be a great weekly Bible study for home or in a co-op setting.

Here is what the study guide looks like for an episode.  Not only are they great discussion questions, the picture a absolutely beautiful!!!! The answers to the questions are in the back if you would like to refer to them.

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The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Book Review

I have enjoyed reading  aloud The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls from WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group to my 8 year old daughter during her school time.  We have used this as a fun Bible supplement. We took turns reading.  It was perfect for her reading level, she just started chapter books this year.   We can quickly get through 2 or 3 chapters a day.  The books are only 12 or 13 chapters so they didn’t take us long to get through them. The Great Escape (book 3) and Journey to Jericho (book 4) have been a great addition to our library.
If you have been following my blog, you may remember book 1 and 2 of this series.  I know some of you got them for your family to enjoy.  I’m happy to let you know that book 3 and 4 are just as great.  They are a continuation of the first two.  You can read the review here if you haven’t seen it yet.
The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls books tell Bible stories through the eyes of two young time traveling kids.  Peter and Mary, along with their dog Hank go back to Bible times and they see the stories play out in front of them.  They go back in time with a scroll from their Great Uncle Solomon.  They need to fill in the missing blanks on the scroll in order to get back home.  The archangel Michael guides and helps them throughout all their adventures, but Satan always shows up to thwart their mission.
Book Three, The Great Escape is about Moses’ struggle with Pharaoh to let his people go free.  Peter, Mary and Hank get to be friends with Pharaoh’s daughter and are able to witness this event from the princess’ side and from Moses’ side.  They see the sadness of slavery and the selfishness of Pharaoh.  They live through the plagues and learn the true meaning of Passover and how the blood of the lamb saves God’s people.  In the end, they get to walk on the dry land that minutes before was covered by the Red Sea.  They even see a shark in the wall of water next to them.
Book Four, Journey to Jericho continues the story as they travel with the Israelites to the Promised Land.  When they arrive, they are right in the tabernacle!  What an exciting place to land.  They overhear that Moses is dead and that it’s time for Joshua to take the people to the Promised Land.  They learn how imposing of a place Jericho is and how big God is.  You get to follow their adventures as they make it to the Promised Land.
If you are looking for a great, engaging, Biblical series, we recommend these books.  We are looking forward to more stories as we follow Peter, Mary and Hank through their time traveling adventures.
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Twitter:      Tag:   @worthypub
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The Great Escape & Journey To Jericho {WorthyKids Reviews}

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Book-By- Book Bible Printables Review

I’ve been using Book-By-Book Bible Printables from Teach Sunday School to see an overview of the whole Bible.  I have found that we are referencing these all the time!

I received this as a digital download.  Each book of the Bible has it’s own page.  I have been printing individual ones as we are needing them.


My son David (12), is taking a Bible class in our co-op this year.  He has been assigned to read different books of the Bible for homework between classes.  He has done the reading on his own, but I printed the sheets for the books he’s reading so he came have a little more information and some background.  He has found this to be helpful when he goes back to discuss what he was assigned.

I have also used these with Evie (7).  She is memorizing the books of the Bible.  These have been fun “flash cards” to put in order.  It’s a bonus that there’s more info on there if she chooses to read it.


I am using these as I read chronologically through the Bible.  I can read through the information for each book and know some key information quickly.  I am fascinated the Bible history, culture and how events and locations fit together.  This has been a great resource for me!

I am enjoying the flexibility I have with this being a pdf file.  I can reference them on my computer or print out what I need.  Books of the Bible At-a- Glance is available for $19.00.  At the time I am writing this it is on sale for $9.

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Rescue Me! What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith Review

My kids really enjoyed the comic book, Rescue Me! What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith, from The Captain Sun Adventures.

I read this book to my 7th grade son and my 2nd grade daughter during our “afternoon basket” time.  This is the time that I have set aside for subjects that I would like the kids to do together.  I have gleaned some information from people’s “morning baskets” and made this a time for us to come back together, do those subjects that can span many levels and loop schedule some great new things like this comic book.  Our afternoon basket has worked well for the first 2 1/2 weeks of school and I’m looking forward to this time where I can add things that get so easily overlooked.

This was a read aloud while the kids colored.  They enjoyed the story and would, very often, stop coloring to look intently at the pictures.  I read it more like a storybook so they didn’t have to stop what they were doing.  This worked great!  I read it over 3 days, just reading a little at a time.  They looked forward to what was going to happen tomorrow.

My original plan was to hand off the book to my 7th grader in hopes that he would read it, then read it to his 6 year old brother.  That didn’t happen.  It was a beautiful picture in my mind though.  He got busy with other things and forgot he had it.  As my deadline loomed, I requested the book back and read it out loud.  I’m not disappointed at all.  If he would have read it I would have missed out.  I love reading to my kids and getting to enjoy their stories with them.  Reading to my kids has become such a precious time.

The hero in the story is Captain Sun.  He protects Capital City from the evil Black Out.  This is a classic story about good versus evil. Black Out comes to Capital Sun and blocks out all that is good.  Captain Sun rids the city of the evil with the help of a few others: Fogbank, Missile Man, Electro Lad and Landslide.  The story was great and parts were suspenseful as you hope the good guys to win.  But, my absolute favorite part was the newspaper looking article that appeared between chapters.  This brought the lesson of God’s love and salvation in.  God and Jesus are our Captain Sun and Satan is Black Out.  We all need salvation in this fallen world.  This was tied in so well.  I was very impressed with these pages.  The author could have skipped that and gone on with the comic and put in a blurb in the back, but he choose to make the lesson bigger and did a great job!

I had my kids make up and draw their own super hero or villain. I think they did a great job!

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Rescue Me! What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith {The Captain Sun Adventures Reviews}

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