2014's word- RETURN, 2015's word- PROGRESS

Word for 2015: Progress

I didn’t know what I was getting into when I chose the word “return” for last year.  I was hoping to return to a sense of calm, organization and control.  Did I ever really have it to return to?  In my mind I did.  I did return to BUSY little ones!  I don’t know about other kids, but mine hit the floor running in the morning and don’t stop until they are asleep at night.  By that time I’m so worn out I’m not good for much!  I am very grateful for healthy active children!!!  I’ve  have been able to spend lots of family time but I’ve fallen behind on so much.  I think I’m looking forward to my youngest children growing up and being more independent.  I will enjoy that time, but I also know I will miss having little ones!  I’m going to need to find some babies to borrow, then give back so I can get some other things done.

So now to find a new word for 2015…… PROGRESS.  I need to be intentional to make progress in all areas of my life.  As I take care of my family, in my little farm and in my volunteer work.  I hope to look back at this post next year and see that I have tried, like the little engine that could, to work on what I’ve been entrusted with.  One of my favorite quotes from “The Flylady” is “progress not perfection“.  I can keep trying and I don’t need to get  it right the first time (or second or third), but I am so much better for working toward something than to be stuck doing nothing in fear of not getting it “right”.

Hopefully I will make progress with my blog and update my “Progress”!!!