Be Extra!, Us!!!


I was listening to the Cultivate Your Life podcast tonight. She had some thought provoking thoughts.

Isn’t it funny that sometimes the most “simple” things are the most profound. She said what if we don’t pivot after something pivotal? Hhmmm…. did you ever have something happen what was potentially life changing but you didn’t follow through on that change? This is not to beat yourself up for things missed in the past, but how you can look at things for the future.

In this podcast she was also talking about numbering our days. I’ve heard that before but never really thought about what that might mean for me. I’m 48. If I live to be 78, I have 30 more years. 30 more birthdays, 30 more Christmases, 30 more valentine’s days, etc. What should I do with those 30 more? Whether I have 1 more or 30 more or 50 more. I should make the most of them!

My youngest is 6. He has 12 more years at home. 12 more times to wake up here as a child on Christmas morning, 12 more summer breaks.

What if I forget to pivot after this pivotal revelation?


Week 7

Here’s week 7. I’m just waiting for one more picture from the Daddy Daughter Dance. I’m caught up for the moment.