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Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible~ Book Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

I’ve spent the summer planning for our school year and was trying to figure out how to incorporate daily Bible lessons into our days. This book was an immense help. I will share a little bit about Danika Cooley’s new book Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible from Bethany House Publishers.

I was struggling with what Bible curriculum I was going to use, how was I going to use it, and what part of our day was the best place to put it in. This book helped me sort all of that out.

This book is written in a conversation tone. It’s as if you are sitting with the author. It’s is a nice size paperback book. Easy to tuck into my purse when I’m headed out to the park or other summer activities. I started out with the thought of keeping the book nice, maybe a sticky note or two to refer back to, but ended up highlighting and making notes and sticking sticky note all over it! This is a book I will definitely be referring back to.

There are so many great ideas to implement with our family. She includes things for all ages. She even goes over how different age children learn and learning styles. She explains learning styles completely different than I’ve even understood it. This has helped me so much in how I look at how we all learn.

Here are some things I took note of:

  • Remember that the Bible is INSPIRED by God, it is INERRANT, and INFALLIBLE.
  • I should get my kids excited about the Bible. They will be excited about it if I am.
  • Salvation is the point of the Bible.
  • I should look for these themes: who God is, man’s sin nature and need for a Savior, God’s plan for salvation, and Jesus’ commands for Christians.
  • Take the Bible in context.
  • Remember that historical narrative is descriptive, not necessarily prescriptive.
  • Don’t assign hidden meaning.
  • I also learned the interesting history behind the origins of “ringleader”.

All these great ideas has got me thinking, how can I put all of this down in my planner and not miss a thing! Then I remembered that she has her own Bible curriculum: Bible Road Trip. (She also mentions it in her book, that’s probably why I remembered it) It’s a three year curriculum that takes all age kids through the entire Bible with all the fun things she explains in this book. You know what the best part it? I have Year One! Bible curriculum problem solved! I’m so glad I read the book, I learned so much and I’m excited to use this curriculum that I have had for a while.

Ultimately, she reminded me that I’m doing God’s work. My work is important, raising the next generation. I am equipped, even when I don’t feel like I am. I may not see the harvest, but my job is to plant and water seeds. My legacy is the “spiritual heritage I leave behind. I may never meet the children I affect- here on earth, anyway.”

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