ARTistic Pursuits K-3 Volume 4: Artists that Shaped the Italian Renaissance Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

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I am a huge fan of ARTistic Pursuits!!! They offer homeschooling families fabulous art history curriculum materials such as their K-3 Vol. 4 Artists that Shaped the Italian Renaissance course. We have used them for years and years! I am currently using this book with my 8 and 10 year olds history lessons. They coordinate wonderfully with our history curriculum.

We are just entering this time period so this review was perfect. I love this volume because there are so many artists’ names that we recognize. I decided to jump to lesson 14 for our first project. I usually use them in order, be we had just read so much about Saint George The Dragon Slayer that this was where we wanted to start.

When I told my kids some of the artists names and that this lesson has about Raphael, they immediately noticed the connection with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I think this is going to be a fun and memorable experience.

We made collagraphs by gluing cut pieces of cardboard to another board in a pattern and rubbing a crayon over them for a picture.

We do one art lesson a week most weeks. I read them the lesson from the book, show them the pictures, and talk about how the project is made and the technique used. My daughter (10) usually chooses to make one, my son (8) usually enjoys the lesson and politely declines the invitation to make a project. That’s ok, he understood the lesson and gets to see an example that his sister made. I want this to be a positive experience for both of them.

After a few lessons that you read from the book, there is a video to watch. We like the videos! They are entertaining and very informative. It is nice to see an example of the technique that is being taught. The book comes with a DVD and a blu ray discs in the inside cover of the book. I like that they are store right in the book so they don’t get lost!

I’m finally starting to get the hang of using the technology at my fingertips while we are doing school. Yes, I know, that makes me old, but I’m getting there. I use my phone and tablet very often. Usually when I have a DVD to watch I get my laptop and plug in an additional speaker and we watch it on there. I specifically got this laptop for the disc drive. I don’t think any of our other computers have one any more. But the last book I used, the DVD didn’t work properly and I had to use the blu ray. My computer doesn’t play blu rays so we had to get up from the table and move to another room. It’s really not too much of an inconvenience but it got me thinking…. it would be nice if I could just watch them online.

I think they read my mind because there is an online option now! You still read from the book, but you can watch the video lessons online. There is other great content there too! I am loving this option! It’s so convenient! I’m very glad that they added this!

I highly recommend anything from ARTisic Pursuits! The art lessons are great, they teach so many techniques in a very easy to implement format. Anything that ties into history is a big bonus for us since that is our core curriculum.

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