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Math-U-See AIM for Multiplication Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

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I was thinking my children could use a little help with multiplication facts, so I wanted to try Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Multiplication with a Bridge to Division from Math-U-See. I have always wanted to try something from Math-U-See, but never had. I was very excited to use this when given this opportunity.

I really like to give my children a solid foundation with multiplication fact mastery, but some of my children struggle with the memorization. My 10 year old daughter, Evie is working on multiplication now and is learning them, but does struggle with some. My 8 year old son, Thomas is just starting multiplication. He catches on very quickly to math concepts. I thought using this program with them together would be very good for both of them.

I am very impressed with the amount of information that is in this curriculum. There is a very helpful teacher’s guide, and manipulatives, and there is an online portion with videos and printable worksheets. The teacher’s guide breaks down each lesson into 4 segments and tells you how to teach that lesson step by step.

I was quite overwhelmed at first with how much there is to this program, but once I started it and just followed the directions it was easy to use. Most importantly, my kids like it. They like the ability to physically see and touch how and why multiplication actually works. Learning the “why” in math makes a huge difference in remembering it. When you finally realize why math works like it does you no longer need to memorize.

This program is considered accelerated because you can move at your child’s pace. If they know it you can move on, if they need more time to learn it you are encouraged to stop and review until you feel your child is ready for the next concept. I love this! I don’t like to move at the pace of a curriculum if my child is not ready. We try to always go for mastery not time period. With AIM Multiplication it was easy!

Evie and Thomas already started multiplication so the first few lessons were very easy. We looked at 2’s, 10’s and 5’s. The next lesson is 9’s. We will be here for a little while. They have their own tricks we taught them and can come up with the answer, but not quickly or with mastery. I think spending some time here in the curriculum they will be able to recall the nine times tables quickly.

I really like to visual you get for 9’s. You use the ten blocks and take some away by turning some upside down. I think this is a great way to see and remember.

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