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Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers ~ Review

Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew

If you are looking for a writing reference tool for your high school student, check out Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers from Everyday Education. This is a comprehensive 420 page reference guide. It is one resource for all your writing needs. Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers is a great tool for high school and college students and also great for a teacher or a proof reader. It is also a great place for a middle school student to start.

This handbook is divided into two sections. The first one is about different types of writing with many examples. This includes essays and debates. The second section is about the actual mechanics of writing. Here you will find sentence structure, tenses, verb agreement, etc.

Writing has been one of those subjects where my kids either love it or hate it. It either comes naturally or they would rather do anything else in the world then write a sentence or two. Even my natural writers don’t like to be stifled with boring, tedious rule learning. As their teacher, I feel I have two choices: make it fun or torture them. I hope they would agree that I chose to make it fun.

Teaching writing can be hard. If they love it, we will follow that path. If they do not like it, we can say they learned it and move on. In teaching little ones to write, I ask my children to make up a story and we write it and illustrate it. They see this as fun. As they get older, I encourage my children to continue to do creative writing on their own. I like to read them and critique a few things, but never in a discouraging way. I think once their confidence is taken away, it’s harder to continue to write.

As they enter the high school years it’s time to get a little more serious about writing. Usually at this age my children have a good idea about what direction they would like go after high school. If they are thinking it may be college we begin to look at the different types of writing assignments they will have in college and start to prepare for it.

Most colleges will have an English 1 class that will go over all of this again. Students can not depend on that class since their other instructors are assigning papers from the beginning. A good foundation in writing can take you far.

Excellence in Literature in Writing Handbook is a great resource to begin to build great writing habits in high school and a great reference tool for college and beyond.

I usually prefer books that I can hold in my hand, but this one that I have enjoyed having it in a digital format. One, it would be a very big book and two, I like that I can utilize the search feature to find things quickly.

I used the first section of the guide to pick a type of writing to focus on for our next assignment, and used the second section to help with the grammar side of it. It is definitely a useful and comprehensive tool to have. It can build a great base beginning in middle school, move on to bigger, more complicated assignments in high school and serve as a reference for college and beyond.

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