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CrossTimber- Name Meaning Gifts Review


Personalized gifts are always so much more meaningful so we were excited to review the brand new Your Amazing Name – Personalized Adventures for EVERY name! from CrossTimber. This was such a special thing to put together for my son.  CrossTimber researches the meaning of your child’s name and make a cute 30 minute video to show your child.  That alone is pretty special, but they went above and beyond to make this so personal.

They requested a hand drawn picture from your child and incorporated it throughout the video.  They also ask for you to type out a personal message about how your child got his or her name.  This was read at the end.  I loved it!!!

All throughout the video they talk about how God made them special and how He loves them.  I really liked that this is from a Christian perspective!  They did a great job putting this together!

I think this would make a great gift.  The animation was great, the story was told in a fun, engaging way.  I played it on my computer, but I could have cast it to my tv.

I think any of my kids would have loved to have a personalized video about their names. I chose to have this video made for my youngest child.  He was named for both of his grandparents and his great grandfathers.  It was fun to tell the story about why we named him.  He also has the same initials as I do.

As a bonus, we also received 10 personalized pdf worksheets:

You can find CrossTimber- Name Meaning Gifts on Pinterest:

Are you thinking this may be something you would like? They are having a giveaway!!!  Click here to enter!!! For a limited time you can enter to win a free video of your very own. I definitely think this is worth getting if you don’t win! 😉

Many other families on The Homeschool Review Crew had the opportunity to also receive a personalized video to review.  Click on the graphic below to see what they thought of the video they received.


Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY name! {CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts Reviews}

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