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My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping Review

With the Annual Membership Plan, I can use My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping to easily track and organize our homeschool. I received a one year subscription to try it out and share what we thought of it.

I have to be totally upfront with you.  I’m a pencil and paper planner girl.  I really like to plan it all out and erase and change as we go.  I can spread all my papers out and see everything all at once.  I don’t get that same visual satisfaction with a computer program.  I do use both paper and pencil and a computer program for our family calendar and that’s working great for us.  So that’s where I started with the My School Year program.  I plugged in our calendar.  I can give my family the sign in information and they can access this calendar and all the other things I add from any mobile device with internet.

Next I started adding the school lessons I have decided to do.  (I’m still struggling with switching from summer to school year and have not done all the planning I would  to yet.)  We are using a new curriculum next year and I can plug in how many lessons there are, how many days a week we will work on it and what days we are not doing school.  It automatically calculates how long it will take us to get through the material and I can edit it as life changes our “perfect” schedule.  The program adjusts all the dates and again shows our schedule and end date.  I like this function because I can see at a glance where we are and what we may want to adjust to keep on schedule.

The next thing I added was our extracurricular activities.  At this point my teenage son can see what his school assignments are, what his scout and co-op schedules are and what’s on our calendar.  This will be a great tool for him since he is always asking what we are doing.  We have tried a paper planner for him and have not been successful.  He and I can both add to this and keep on top of what is going on.

There are so many more features to this program.  I have just scratched the surface with what I have entered.  If you were worried at all about how to create your child’s transcript this is a great tool!!!  It’s all here and you can do it on a computer, tablet or phone.  You can have it with you all the time.  Super handy as you are touring colleges and are asking what there requirements are for new students.  Do you need to make a report card?  Yep, that’s here too!!  These documents are very professional looking and take all the hard work off of you.

My School Year’s website is very, very helpful about getting started.  They walk you through everything you need to know to start using this tool.  There is so much that this program can do and the website is invaluable in helping you utilize it.

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