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CTCMath Review

Summer was the perfect time to begin the 12 month  Family Membership from CTCMath.  We used CTCMath a few years ago and decided to try it again with different students.  This summer Evie (8 years old) and David (13 years old) used this online math curriculum for about 6 weeks.

CTCMath is completely online and is for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. (Including trigonometry and calculus).  It was very easy to sign my students up and get them started on their grade level.  At the start of each lesson, the student watches a short video that teaches the new concept.  The teacher explains things in a very easy to understand way.  He often repeats the lesson and changes the wording or approach so that if your student did not understand the first time, they will get it the second time.  He shows many examples.  The lessons are not very long.  They were very direct with the lesson and no other chit chat.   We found that the lessons were age appropriate for all the levels we have tried so far.

I liked that my children could go at their own pace.  They could stay on one topic if the enjoyed it or needed more practice.  If they did very well in an area they could quickly more ahead and not spend time where they didn’t need to.

For each lesson there is a video, then practice questions.  There are worksheets with solutions.  There are also speed drills and times tables.  I do like that in the questions section there is a button to push to have the question read to you.  This is nice for non readers to be able to be more independent with their lessons.

Each week I receive an email with my child’s progress.  I can also view all that information and more on the parent’s side of the program.  I can easily go in and make assignments or adjustments to my child’s lessons.

CTCMath has made some changes since we had reviewed it before.  One of those is the questions bank wizard:

We did many lessons on the computer, but also did some on my phone.  Our internet at home is not that reliable so it was a little frustrating waiting for the questions to load.  My phone was much faster.  There were a few things that needed a program my phone didn’t have, but not enough to stop us from using it.

It was nice to be able to do our math where ever we had internet access.  Here are a few screen shots of what it looks like on my phone.

There are many great features of this curriculum.  We still prefer a good old textbook or worksheet.  We are trying to adjust with the times, but some things are slow going.  There are definitely  some great reasons to use this.  I think the best one is for your student to work independently.  Great if you have a new baby or work at home or are not confident in your math skills for higher levels this would be great for you. We will probably use this as a convenient review for this coming school year.  On the other hand, maybe I will give David the choice of workbook with mom or math on his phone.  The nice thing is I can see if he’s working on it and I won’t be debating the lessons with him.

If you are interested in CTCMath for your family….Homeschoolers get the program for half price!!!!

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Many other families on The Homeschool Review Crew had the opportunity to review this program also.  Click on the graphic below to see how they used it and what they thought about it.

Math 12-month Family Membership {CTCMath Reviews 2019}

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