Crafty Classroom: Pattern Block Activity Bundle Review

We had the opportunity to try another fun product from Crafty Classroom! This summer we got to use the Pattern Block Activity Bundle.  Wow!!! This bundle is huge!!!!!

I have absolutely loved everything I have used from this company!  Two years ago I used their R. E. A. D. Curriculum Notebook to teach my daughter to read.  She loved it and did so well with it.  You can read my review here.

Since then I have I have collected a few more things from them and loved them too!  When I was asked to review something else, of course I said yes!  But, we are trying not to do too much “school” this summer.  I had a hard time deciding what I wanted because I could have picked another reading type program for Thomas next year.  After much debate I decided on the Pattern Block Activity Pack.  I didn’t have pattern blocks yet, but this gave me the perfect excuse  reason to order them.

This digital download comes as a PDF and has 731 pages!!!!! I downloaded it easily and added it to my growing Crafty Classroom folder.  I have to admit I was a little intimidated by the number of pages until I looked it.  The book is divided into many sections: seasons, holidays, letters, numbers, etc.  Each section has three levels of worksheets.  The first one is the easiest.  It has lines and colors to show you exactly where to put the blocks.  The next level just has the lines and the last level is just the outline- no lines or colors.

I printed a few of the easier ones and laid them on the table with the blocks to see if there would be any interest.  I wasn’t sure if my almost 7 year old and my 8.5 year old were too old for these or not. (The recommended ages are Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade).  They were very curious and before I knew it they had dumped the blocks in a bigger container so they could sift through them a little easier.

I left them accessible and kept printing a few more every couple of days.  They were always looking for the new ones and excited to try them.  One thing they found that they liked to do was start with the hardest level and try to solve it on their own.  If they got stumped they would ask for one of the other levels to use as the answer sheet.  They challenged themselves and each other with how many they could do without looking at the “answers”.

We enjoyed being able to print only the ones we wanted.  Sometimes we printed more than one copy of a specific sheet so they could compete.

This was a great activity for this summer, lots of learning going on, but they had so much fun that they never suspected it!

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