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Learning Dynamics Reading Program Review

Learning Dynamics has helped my son to want to read with Learning Dynamics Reading Program. Thomas is the baby of the family.  He’s number 7 and hasn’t really had to do too much on his own.  There is usually someone right there to help him.  He’s a normal, busy 6 almost 7 year old boy.  He’d rather dig in the dirt, catch frogs or jump off of things he shouldn’t than to sit and “do school”.

I could see that we were getting to a point where he wanted to read and write on his own.  He actually wanted to write his own name, he wanted to type things in the search bar on the computer by himself, but he didn’t know all of his letters yet.  Before you gasp at the horror of my almost 7 year old not even knowing his letters- at this point in my parenting/teaching I know that he was be literate by the time he graduates high school.  Even my reluctant readers or ones with learning difficulties have all graduated high school and gone on to college.  Every one of them!!  Four so far!  I’m pretty sure Thomas will follow their lead.

I’m excited to say that he is ready and Learning Dynamics came at just the right time for him!  He loves it!  He looks forward to “doing his letter” each day.

I open up the student workbook to the page we are on.  I tell him the letter and the how it sounds.

I read the little story that goes with it in the lesson manual and play that letter’s song on the cd.

He circles the items that start with that letter and crosses out the one that doesn’t.  Sometimes he colors the pictures, but most of the time he doesn’t.

After a few lessons, blends are introduced and short story books go with those new words. These are the blue books in the box.

We are still slowly working on that. But we are making forward progress!!!  He writes the upper and lower case letters at the top on each lesson. He doesn’t do it perfect, but I’m so glad he’s doing it.  We will work more on that later.  I want to keep this something he enjoys.  So far there has not been one complaint and that makes me a happy mommy!!!

There is more to this program after all the letters, sounds and basic blends are learned. The red, green and yellow books go with lessons 2 and 3.


Here is my cute student. He’s being extremely camera shy and refusing to be photographed with his school work.

If you are looking for a no nonsense, basic, get it done reading curriculum, this may be for you.  It’s simple and to the point, there’s nothing distracting.  You can do the lessons quickly for students who don’t like to sit for very long or stretch them out for student who like to sit and “do school”.  This has worked very well for Thomas and we will continue using it this coming school year.

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