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God is Better Than Trucks: Picture Book Review

Today I want to introduce you to the delightful children’s book God is Better than Trucks published by Christian Focus.

This book is a great size for reading aloud to little ones.  This hard cover book has a sturdy binding and 48 nice thick pages.  I shared this book with my 6 year old son, Thomas.  He loves trucks and construction vehicles.  He’s also learning his letters so this was a great book for him.

Each letter has a “vehicle” to go with it.  Best of all, you learn how God is better than each vehicle.  All of these are strong and mighty, but God is bigger and stronger than all of them.  This was a great message for a truck loving boy.  Each page has a Bible verse.  These would be great as memory verses.

The pictures are bright and engaging.  The text is short enough on each page that Thomas didn’t get bored.  I enjoyed sharing this book with him.  We were able to talk about God’s strength in a way that we hadn’t before.  This is a nice addition to our library.

Since the early 1970’s Christian Focus Publishing’s purpose has been to share the gospel.  They have produced books in more than 70 languages from many different authors all around the world.  They have a few series available.  The books that The Homeschool Review Crew got to review are from the CF4K series.  These are for children.  Great for homeschooling and Sunday School.

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Big Bible Science, Elizabeth Prentiss, God is Better than Princesses, God is Better than Trucks. {Christian Focus Reviews}

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