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YWAM Publishing: John Adams Review

I absolutely love this series!  Whenever I see that I have the opportunity to review books from YWAM Publishing I jump on it!  This time we choose Heroes of HistoryJohn Adams.  Actually, “we” didn’t choose this title, David did.  David is just finishing up 5th grade.  We have spent the entire year on the American Revolution and he just finished up a study of the American Presidents at our homeschool co-op.  We read the book about George Washington at the beginning of the last school year, so David decided to learn more about the second President of the United States, John Adams.

We received a paperback copy of the book in the mail and a digital copy of the corresponding unit study.  We read one chapter a day for 17 days then worked on the unit study for a few days.  I have been so impressed with David’s interest in the Presidents.  I’m sure the recent Presidential election has helped. I think what has surprised me the most is how much information about each President he has actually remembered!  When we started this book, David was adding information about George Washington, John Adams and John Quincy Adams before we had got there in the book.

For the past for weeks David has said that reading this book has been his favorite part of his school day.  I’m so glad that we have found a history series that keeps his attention.  These books have been great read alouds.  They are packed with so much information, but read so easy that you are not overwhelmed with the amount of facts that you are given.

John Adams was the oldest son in his family.  This meant that he was to get a formal education.  John wanted to be a farmer like his father, but he did well with his education and became a lawyer.  He married Abigail and they had many struggles and successes, both person and professional. This was a very informative look at his life.

The unit study is a great addition to reinforce what you are reading.  There are review questions for each chapter, writing prompts, activities, additional resources, field trip ideas and much more.  We enjoyed filling in the maps and timelines.  We like to be able to see the things that we just read about.  For this book we labeled parts of Massachusetts, the thirteen original colonies, Spain, France, The United Kingdom and the Netherlands.  Some interesting things we put on the timeline where: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died the same day and John Adams died during the presidency of his son John Quincy Adams.  He lived long enough to see him become President, but died shortly after at the age of 90.

We will continue to read about the other presidents available in this series.  I would love to collect all of the Heroes of History for our history studies.  I would also love to add more from the Christian Heroes series for our Bible studies.

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