Thin Stix Review

We were excited to try Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Colors from The Pencil Grip, Inc.  I had seen these before and was very curious to see how they worked.  The kids were very happy that we were able to review these.  I was glad too, I love finding new kids art supplies!!

We received a package of six classic colored, solid tempera paint sticks.  I was anxious to try these.  It said that these were quick drying and mess free.   (And non-toxic!!!)  They haven’t met my kids!  I’m thinking, “yeah right they will get bored waiting for the paint to dry and smear it all over their project, the table and each other”.  Guess what!  These paint stix are awesome!!!  They go on very smoothly, no clumping, no dripping, not even smearing!  You don’t need brushes and water cups.  I think my kids make more messes by spilling the cups than with the paint, but I digress.  The paint stix dry quickly and my kids didn’t even think of smearing it on each other or themselves (yet).  They didn’t even need to wear their “smoffs”.  That what they call their smocks and they swear that I’m saying it wrong, lol!!!!

In the Classic Colors pack you receive yellow, red, green, blue, brown and black.

I like to do a lot of hands on activities with my kids, especially the younger ones.  We don’t paint often because it makes such a mess and takes forever to dry.  These paint stix were perfect for all of their projects.  We will certainly be able to paint more often.

The first project Evie (6) and Thomas (4) worked on were these fish printed on card stock. I was impressed with the paint on the bottom fish.  Even though Thomas used all the colors, they did not mix or get messy.  He was trying!  In no time the paint was dry and smooth to the touch.  Some of these they tried to add a lot of paint to. and they dried perfectly and we haven’t had any cracking or flaking.

Then they made puppets from lunch bags.  They had such a good time with the paint stix, with their previous projects, that they requested to use them this time.  They liked that they could get some detail or quickly fill a larger space.

Then they colored these balloons printed on regular paper.  The paint did not bleed through the paper at all.  You can also use these on wood.  I haven’t tried yet, but we will use them for some wood projects this summer.

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This 6 pack of Thin Stix is $8.49 and are available on Amazon Prime.  They also have other similar products available.

  • 6 pack Thin Stix Metalix
  • 12 pack Thin Stix
  • 6 pack Thin Stix Neon
  • 24 pack Kwikstix
  • 24 pack Thin Stix
  • and many others

Many other families on the Homeschool Review Crew had the opportunity to review these Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Colors also.  Please click on the banner below to see how they used them and what they had to saw about them.

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