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Captain Absolutely Review

We had the opportunity to review  the Captain Absolutely book from Focus on the Family. This is a comic book style book based on the Adventures in Odyssey series.

My son David got to read this book for this review.  He is 11 years old and finishing up 5th grade.  He read this book on his own.  Here is what David had to say about it:

“The character Captain Absolutely was created by a giant explosion from the computer at the  library where Josiah King worked at. The reason the explosion was so big is that it came from a nuclear power pipe.  The nuclear “stuff” made it so he had super powers and different versions of the Bible were on the shelf after the explosions.  Versions like King James, EVS, NIV and more.  He starts reading them and he used the Bible to fight crime.

Once Captain Absolutely was on the phone with the mayor talking about how he needs to help the city and the evil Dr. Relative came in.  Captain Absolutely jumped on him and then jumped back saying “sorry friend”.  The doctor said “I’m not friend of yours, I’m your arch enemy”.  Then they started fighting.  Dr. Relative lost and went to prison.

Captain Absolutely fights crime and tells people about the Bible. It uses Biblical truths to help with things like being scared. ”

David likes the book.  He found it easy to read and liked that it was a comic book.  He liked that it had the Bible in it.  He would definitely recommend this book to his friends.

The book was a nice size for a graphic novel.  It has 105 glossy pages and is $9.99.

You can find Focus on the Family on these social media sites:

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Captain Absolutely {Focus On The Family Review}

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