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Homeschool Rescue Review

Wow!  I loved reviewing this!  Homeschool Rescue from Only Passionate Curiosity was just what I needed as a finish this tough year.  This online course has given me the opportunity to step back and assess how things are going here.  This was our 19th year homeschooling and I was hoping to have it all together by now, but I just don’t.  This year I had a senior in high school, a fifth grader, a kindergartner and a preschooler.  We have already graduated 3, but the age spread we had this year has been a challenging one!!

The online Homeschool Rescue course has 5 modules containing 3-5 lessons each.  These lessons range from 15-30 minutes and most have a “homework” assignment to work on.  Most of them have printable worksheets and planners that go along with what you learned in the module.

Here is a brief overview of the modules:

Module One looks at your homeschool as a whole, this is where you think about why you are homeschooling, what goals you have for your children’s education and future and you also write a mission statement.

Module Two encourages you to take an honest look at what is “good, great and has to go”.  This is one section that I took to heart.  It gave me the “permission” I needed to say no to some things.  Not all good things are great and I need to remember that in making some choices as we go into next year.  We have been busy this year with American Heritage Girls, Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, a homeschool co-op, karate and our church. Most of these things I can tweak and keep in our schedule for next year, but our days will be structured differently to accommodate all of it without stressing any of us out.  We have chosen to maintain a four day homeschool week with Monday off as a reset day, we will not plan any outside activities in the mornings and we will limit our evening activities.  This module gave me the encouragement I needed to plan these changes for next year.  It also contains information about scheduling, organization, time management and teaching multiple children.

Module Three is about taking a look at your curriculum, what works and what doesn’t.  There is also a pacing guide that I found very useful.  I don’t think I really used it the way it was intended, but instead it gave me a place to write what curriculum I’m using for each child this year and what I plan to continue with and what I want to change.  I enjoyed the flexibility of the forms and the inspiration it gave me.  This module also covered homeschool supplies and organization.

Module Four is about things that come up as you are the parent and the teaches.  Things like reward systems, consequences and follow through.

Module Five is about teaching teens, study skills and time management.

There is so much more in these modules that I have just scratched the surface with a few highlights.  I’m looking forward to working through the course again to learn even more.

There is an exclusive Facebook group just for members of Homeschool Rescue.  It’s a great place to discuss what you are working on with other homeschool parents doing the same thing. A live course will be run through this group.  You can work through the class on your own once or multiple times and/or go through the live class.  A lifetime subscription is $97 and a VIP option for a little more that includes one on one coaching and support. Homeschool Rescue will only be available for purchase from now until May 31st.  A live class will run from June to July.

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