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Drive Thru History- The Gospels Review

I was so excited when I heard about this review!!!  I have always wanted to use Drive Thru History® videos for our homeschool.  We received their new series: Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”.  This was perfect timing for us.  We used it through Lent and Easter.  It was just what we needed!  We not only looked at Jesus’ death, but we did a more in depth study about his entire life. This really put Easter into perspective for us.

This special edition set is awesome!  It comes in a beautiful case, inside it looks like a book (because it is) and holds 3 disks with 6 episodes each for a total of 18 episodes. The book has gorgeous pictures from the video, and each episode has a summery and some discussion questions.

My first exposure to Drive Thru History was many years ago when our youth group at church watched episodes for their VBS.  All the kids LOVED it!  It shows Biblical truths in an educational and entertaining way.

My son David (age 11) and I enjoyed watching this series.  We watched about 3 or 4 episodes per week while eating our lunch.  Then we went over the discussion questions.  I hope in the future we can spend more time with the discussion questions and rereading the passages that this was taken from. I think as David gets older our study with take on new depth.

One of the things we loved was to see the actual places that Jesus saw.  How awe inspiring to see what Jesus was looking at and what was around him.  We loved that historical documents other than the Bible were sited to show that these places and people really and truly existed outside the Bible.  Also recent (and old) archeological finds were shown and explained.

I’m not sure how tour guides in Jerusalem and surrounding areas conduct there tours, but I don’t think any one of them could be as thorough and entertaining as Dave Stotts is. My David really liked seeing all the fascinating places and seeing the Bible tie into all of it but, he would have to say his absolute favorite episode would be the one with “car becue”.  Dave prepares his food to cook while he drives from place to place.  He places a roast in foil with all the seasonings and wraps it up tight.  He wires it to the engine of vehicle and by the end of the day he’s eating his “car becue”.  David is hoping to see Dave do more things like that!!

David was on the young side of the recommended age for this series.  Although this is great family viewing, it’s recommended for 5th grade to adult.  Even though I paid close attention to the episodes I know I missed some details.  So much is shared!  I know David didn’t catch it all this time around and I look forward to going through these again and again!!!

I’m also going to add the other series to our homeschool curriculum.  These were a great fit for us.

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