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Periodic Table Cookies

We enjoyed using Apologia’s Astronomy so much that we started their Chemistry and Physics book. These are the ones for Kindergarten through 6 grade. David and I love them!!!

Here is the Periodic table we made today. There are directions in the book but if I ever do it again I will use graham crackers instead of making cookies! We choose to use canned icing when I didn’t quite understand the icing recipe they had. I think it was s glaze but that’s too messy for me. Also next time I would get way more writing icing. We used all of 5 tubes to do this. I would have preferred our symbols to not be so colorful, but this worked.

The kids enjoyed picking which cookie element to eat first. David had mercury because he wanted a poisonous metal, Evie ate helium to make her voice funny like when it’s in a balloon, Thomas chose a radioactive one. I ate gold and Allie had Fluoride then lead. Each cookie picked after that was an element learned! Score! We even picked two at a time to make compounds. Woohoo!!!!


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