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Eclectic Foundations Review

We had the opportunity to review a language arts curriculum from Eclectic Foundations. I thought the Eclectic Foundations Language Arts Level B would be the best fit for us.  We chose to get the physical books, a digital download is also available.

I was drawn to this curriculum because it used McGuffy’s Eclectic Readers.  I have always liked them! When I first signed up to review this I was hoping that I would use it with both Evie (6 year old Kindergartner) and David (11 year old Fifth Grader). We received a bound printed copy of  McGuffy’s First Reader, a student workbook that contains vocabulary words and cursive hand writing practice (among other activities), a pack of word cards and a teacher’s guide.  This Biblical Worldview curriculum has 144 lessons intended to cover 36 four day weeks.

McGuffy’s Reader begins with learning to read simple words. This was perfect for Evie since she is just beginning to read.  I wanted to take her slowly through this curriculum while David worked faster.  That’s what ended up happening, but Evie is working much slower than I thought since the Reader progressed quite quickly and David is working much faster than I anticipated.  This curriculum is working well for both of them but for very different reasons.

When Evie works on her lesson we go over the story in the reader and work on the new words.  She hasn’t gotten far yet, but she’s so excited to be reading big kid books.  I chose this level over Level A for her since she already knows her letters and sounds.  Level A would have worked for her, but she probably would have started somewhere in the middle.  She’s in that awkward spot now where letter and sounds are too easy for her, but reading is still really hard.  We will keep plugging away and working.  I’m pretty sure when it “clicks” for her she will be speeding along!

I knew that David would be able to easily do the work in Level B.  He has been behind in reading, but he’s working hard and is reading very well right now.  When we sat down to work on the first lesson I told him that this curriculum uses a book that was used in the old one room schoolhouses like his great grandparents used to teach in.  We talked about students of all ages would work in the same book.  Little kids would use it, but also big kids who for whatever reason didn’t start school when they were little or that they just needed some more time to learn the lessons.  He was relieved that he wasn’t doing a “baby” curriculum.  He thought that this was a great idea and was very open to it.  This is HUGE!  He is doing great with it.

We start with the handwriting page.  He practiced the cursive letter for the day and them reads me the words from the top of the page.  I love this!  The words at the top aren’t hard, but he still gets tripped up on them sometimes.  This is great practice and he sees it as easy.  He’s learned so much from just reading me these words. There is a student’s phonics practice sheet to write and practice the words.  We have not used this yet, since they have been pretty easy for him and he’s working through it so willingly.  As it gets more challenging for him we will utilize that more.

Then we move on to the grammar lesson.  He loves the word cards.  This has been THE best way for him to learn parts of speech.  Each different part of speech gets colored in a different color, red is for nouns, pink pronouns and green verbs.  There are other ones that get colored different colors.  He looks forward to trying to figure out which color they should get colored.

There is also a poem to work on in each lesson.  We began by doing this everyday, but he lost interest, so I still one in there every couple of lessons.

I love the teachers guide, it is very easy to quickly see what needs to be done.  It’s very plainly written and not complicated at all.  I also like that there is no prep.  The curriculum is set up to use “as is” and the teacher’s guide is so straight forward you do not need to read it ahead of time.

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2 thoughts on “Eclectic Foundations Review”

  1. it’s wonderful to have a resource you can adapt to each child, allowing them to learn at their own pace. I’m impressed with Eclectic Foundations Language Arts as well. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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