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Pennsylvania~Here We Come! Book Review

We had the opportunity to review a really neat book about the state that my husband and I grew up in called Pennsylvania~Here We Come!  It’s part of the By the Way Book Series.  This book takes a look at many fun and historical sites across the state.

This was such a fun book to read through.  David (my 11 year old) is sometimes a pretty picky student, he doesn’t like to try anything new. He knows from experience that some things we try end up to be his favorites and this is one!!!  He really enjoyed it and learned so much!  This book is about 2 kids, Alex and Lexi, who were chosen to tour Pennsylvania  after entering a “Celebrate Pennsylvania” contest.  They flew all over Pennsylvania with a Great Dane puppy named Penny.  We learned that the Great Dane is Pennsylvania’s state dog.  We also learned that Great Danes are 120 times bigger than a Chihuahua when full grown.

We learned about things from all over the state: Erie, Gettysburg, Punxatawney Phil, the Appalachian Trail, Delaware Water Gap, the Poconos, black bears, white tail deer, Fort Necessity, a castle, Pittsburgh, many, many rivers, David Brainard, raccoons, coal, Valley Forge, Philadelphia, mushrooms, the Amish, Hershey and chocolate, Bald Eagles and much more.

We read about many places that were familiar.  I was surprised to learn about some landmarks near my hometown that I never even knew about.  There is a star that is lit from 4pm til midnight that shines over Bethlehem Pennsylvania.  Now that I know it’s there I will definitely try to see it next time I’m there.  Between reading about all the sites in Pennsylvania and me adding in where I have been and the fun things that I’ve done, David is very excited for his next trip to Pennsylvania!

We added this to our homeschool day by reading a few pages a day over a week’s time.  We enjoyed all the great pictures and looked up the sites, rivers and mountains on the map.  It was fun to find where our family lives and the roads we’ve taken to get there.  David learned that we have gone right past some pretty cool stuff.  He also learned that if we alter our normal route we can see a few more of the things he just read about.

I really liked this book and would like to add some more states to our collection, our first choices would be North Carolina and Virginia.  We will keep our eye our for when these come out.  I enjoyed these books being written with a Biblical Worldview.  Bible verses are woven throughout the books.

The only thing I would add to the book is maps, lots of maps!  We had one handy and referred to it often.  I would have been convenient to have a map of the state and ones that just showed detail about certain areas.

Here is a list of other available titles:

  • Florida’s Treasure Coast ~ Here We Come!
  • Smoky Mountains ~ Here We Come!
  • Ohio ~ Here We Come!
  • Washington ~ Here We Come!
  • Colorado ~ By the Way

Ireland and New York are scheduled to be released in April 2017.  Idaho and Indiana are to follow.  Author Joy Budensiek hopes to complete 100 books.  Included in these are all fifty states.

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Many of us on the Homeschool Review Crew got to review this and other By the Way Series titles.  Click on the banner below to see what they had to say about the book they received.

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