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Ancient Greek Project Passport Review

We had the opportunity to use another great product from Home School in the Woods.  This is the second time we have used their HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study.  We are currently working through Ancient Greece.  We have used their Ancient Egypt in the past.  This link will take you to that review.

This unit study came as a digital download.  I’m always a little hesitant when downloading new products on my ancient Vista computer, but as usual I had no trouble downloading their product.  The files are nicely labeled and easy to find where to start.

I like how this study is like visiting Ancient Greece.  We set up our passport and our luggage.

These are included in the binder we made to keep all of our work.

Then I printed our “Travel Itinerary” of our first “stop”.  Each “stop” takes us to a particular location in a specific time period.  We do 1-2 stops per week depending on our schedule and what type of activities are in the stop.  Here are two hands-on projects:

Each stop has a corresponding lesson text and about 5 or 6 activities to do. Some of these activities are  like the ones above and some are map and timeline work. There is a fun newspaper to add articles written by your student. We like the postcards. They are written by people we read about in the lesson. These are written in very simple language and have made it easy to understand what people were thinking and doing from this time period and location.

I am currently working through this with my 11 year old son David.  He is enjoying learning about Ancient Greece.  His favorite is listening to me read the lesson to him, but he is not enjoying all the hands on projects.  I’m helping him through it because it’s reinforcing what he’s learning and he will have a great keepsake and resource to reference in the future.  He is an auditory learner, this has been a great learning experience for me since I am a kinesthetic learner.  Between the two of us we are learning a lot together.

My older daughter used HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport: Middle Ages a few years ago and LOVED it.  She learned so much through the hands on projects.  My youngest daughter is in Kindergarten this year is a thriving on hands on projects.  She’s working through everything I have in the house.  I’m excited to use the Passport Series for her when she gets older.  The suggested ages for these are 3-8 grade.  I think these are great to use with older children too.  There is plenty of opportunity to take the lessons a little further, especially through the writing activities.  I think these lessons are flexible and can be used as a family history curriculum where you have many ages working together. These can be a fun short unit study or a review of a time period.  Each Project Passport has 25 stops.  The recommended time to complete is 8-12 weeks.  Since we are doing 1-2 stops a week, this will take us just a little bit longer.

You can find Home School in the Woods on these social media sites:

We have also loved Home School in the Wood’s Election Lapbook.

Click on the banner below to see how other families used Ancient Greece and the other Project Passports: Ancient Egypt, The Middle Ages and Renaissance & Reformation.  Their newest addition is Ancient Rome coming in 2018.

HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study Reviews

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