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ZonderKidz The Beginner’s Bible Review


This is my all time favorite children’s Bible and has been since I started homeschooling in 1997.  Wow!  That really shows my age!!!  I was first introduced to The Beginner’s Bible from Zonderkidz when the curriculum I choose used this for their Bible lessons.  I have used it for all of my older children and now I’m using it for my younger children.  I also use this Bible with the preschoolers at church.


Zonderkidz celebrated The Beginner’s Bible 25th anniversary with a new updated version with  3 dimensional art.  This new edition is still a great quality hard back book and is the same great toddler friendly size. It contains more than 90 Bible stories that my kids love to hear over and over.



The Beginner’s Bible is recommended as a Read Aloud for ages 4-6 and a Read Alone for ages 6-8.  I think this is a perfect recommendation.  We also use it for little ones as young as 18 months. If they will listen, I will read it! 

This is how we use it:  It first gets read to my kids around Kindergarten as a “formal” part of their school. Our Kindergarten is pretty lax, but this is always in there.  In about second or third grade when my kids are reading well, they are the ones reading it to me or to the next younger sibling  as their Read Aloud.  

I love to read the lesson to the preschoolers at church out of this Bible.  It’s great for little ones with a short attention span.  Each story is just the right length for little ones and the pictures hold their attention while you are reading.

I had collected many movies, books and coloring books they went with The Beginner’s Bible.  Now that we are out of the stone ages we started in; there are so many great things available on The Beginner’s Bible website.

  • videos
  • games
  • activity sheets and coloring pages
  • resources for teachers and parents
  • free app (itunes)

These resources are a convenient addition to my favorite children’s Bible.  I am able to get coloring pages that go with the lesson I am doing at home or at church very quickly.  This makes lesson planning very easy!

I love the new Table of Contents.  It is much easier to quickly find the story you are looking for.  They have also changed a few stories: some added and some removed.  I like this change too.  The wording for the stories has been updated a little, making it easier for new readers. The new 3 dimensional artwork is much more colorful that the older version.

Older version is on the top and new version is on the bottom. 

The Beginner’s Bible is $16.99.  I think this is a great price for a great children’s Bible.

Have I mentioned I LOVE THIS BIBLE?!  I hope that your family enjoys it was much as we have the past 20 years!  I will continue to share with it with children I teach for many more years.

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