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Fun- Time Phonics Review

We got to use a fun digital download for my littles who are learning phonics: Fun-Time Phonics!™ Software – 2-PCs Win Download from  Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic Before Kindergarten!™ software bundle from The Critical Thinking Co.™  This is recommended for grades Pre K- 2.

I have used many things from The Critical Thinking Company and have loved every one of them.  This company was founded in 1958 to encourage logical and critical thinking skills.

“If we teach children everything we know, their knowledge is limited to ours. If we teach children to think, their knowledge is limitless.”  Michael Baker, The Critical Thinking Company President.

Fun-Time Phonics contains 128 lessons to teach the importance of preschool academics.  These lessons include phonics, the alphabet,  and short words.  Students learn beginning, middle and end word sounds along with rhyming.  What kindergartner doesn’t like to rhyme?!  Fun-Time Phonics can be installed on 2 different computers and can have multiple users.  It is colorful and has lots of repetition to reinforce the lessons.

If you follow my blog you can see that we have had many reading challenges in the 19 years we have been homeschooling.  My children all learn very differently and at all different ages and grades.  Some have followed the popular recommendation and learned phonics in kindergarten with no problems.  Others have struggled with dyslexia and reading comprehension issues.  And then I have one who taught himself to read because he felt it was time. Many of my children have become avid readers, while others still have some struggles that they have learned to cope with.

One thing that has been the same for all of my children is that they do not like to “do school” on the computer.  This surprises me because they love their screen time and are very computer literate.  But in their opinion, computers and school are not two things they like to mix.  They prefer that they are two totally different activities.  I do encourage my children to use learning “games” and “activities” on the computer when they are younger.  And also have my children take an online class or two as they get into high school.  We know the benefits of online classes and know they need them in certain instances, but they will tell you they still prefer book and paper and, in-person instruction.

Evie, my 5 year old kindergartner and her 4 year old brother Thomas were my target students for this review.  They worked on one lesson or more lessons a week.  They did chip away at it slowly, but they made progress.  They really didn’t enjoy “doing school” on the computer, but they liked the two robots that were teaching them.  The program did help and reinforce some of the phonics that we have been working on.

This Windows digital download is $29.99.  There is a drop down menu for itunes, but there’s no price next to it.  Hopefully that means they are working on it and it will be available for Mac/Apple users soon.

Other items I have reviewed from The Critical Thinking Company- Surfing the Net: ScienceBalance Math Teaches Algebra.

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