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Pirates or Privateers: You Decide Review

I love to randomly add a fun unit study to our school here and there.  Lately we’ve been working on one from Homeschool Legacy called Once a Week micro-study Pirates or Privateers: You Decide.  We’ve reviewed one of their unit studies before, but this one is different as it was shorter, only being 4 weeks.

This unit study was a digital download.  I printed the 23 page PDF since I still enjoy having the papers in my hand.  We did come back to the PDF often to click on the links provided.  There was one that led us to pirate coloring pages for the younger kids and one that linked to a sea shanty on You Tube .  That link was not working at the time, but we easily found another video and spent quite a while listening to more and talking about what we had learned about working to music.  Other  links were to vocabulary words and many informational pages.

David (5th grade) was my student for this.  Since we live in North Carolina, not far from the Outer Banks and doing many activities on the water, we often talk about boats and sailing.  Many of our discussions are about history, which of course leads to pirates!

Until recently I had never heard of privateers.  I learned about it while working with David with his early American history.  We talked about the fine line there must have been to determine whether you were a pirate or a privateer.  We decided it must have been based on who’s perspective you were looking at.  If you were defending your country by stopping a ship from hurting you, you would be a privateer.  But to the ship that was just attacked and had it’s goods taken, you were a pirate. We did learn that many pirates were just looking out for themselves and could not be considered privateers by anyone.

The study contained a lot of history dating as far back as 3000 BC.  We learned about many interesting times and places.  This spurred on many great family discussions and well as talking about it with friends.

We just finished working through all the material in the study, but we are still reading one of the suggested books: Treasure Island. We are reading a chapter a day and will watch Muppet Treasure Island (a suggested movie) when we are done.

We had a great time with this unit study, we did a little bit of it four days a week instead of all in one day, once a week.  This gave us time to look at the globe, find places on the map and add events to our timeline.  David does better if we work with small amounts over a larger amount of time.  This was a great fit for him because it was not overwhelming and he was very interested in the subject.  He did suggest that he would have enjoyed a suggested art project.

All in all, I think this was a great study, it was a nice addition to the school we were already working on.  There were a few typos in the text, but I could easily understand what it was meant to be.

Homeschool Legacy offered many Once A Week Unit Studies and Micro Studies for the Homeschool Crew to review.  There is one about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the one on my wish list is called Cooking Up History with the Founding Presidents. A few other new titles were available too.  Click on the banner below to see what they had to say about the one they received.

Once-a-Week Studies {Homeschool Legacy}

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