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MyFreezEasy Meal Plan Review

There are a few times a year that I take a step back and reassess how things are done around here.  It’s usually Christmas Break/New Year’s, Spring Break and Back to School time.  This year as we were getting ready to enter a very busy school year I was trying to figure out how I was going to feed everyone every night and meet each person’s likes and diary restrictions all while feeding 8 people on a VERY tight food budget. As I thought and prayed, this review came up.  Thank you!!!!!  I have been using Freezer Meal Plan Membership from MyFreezEasy for more than a month and love it!

This online meal plan site has been a great help to me.  My husband and I have been eating low carb/ketogenic/ Trim Healthy Mama kinda sorta, but we are trying (he’s doing better than me).  We have one daughter that is very sensitive to dairy and some of the other kids are super picky!!  When we  have days that I don’t have time to cook, or if I don’t plan ahead we eat junk or cereal.  This is what I decided to do- I make a low carb meal and freeze it in single portion sizes, instead of big trays,  to use for lunches or dinners and I make a kid friendly meals that serves 6-8.  Since I don’t have a whole day to devote to meal prep, I will make one kid’s meal for dinner and one for the freezer.  I try to provide dairy free dinners or options 3-4 times a week.  The other days my daughter will choose something else or take a lactaid pill if she likes the dinner.

So you can see I haven’t used this site exactly as it was designed, but I do love it!  The meal choices change monthly so there is variety.  You can pick and choose your meals, change the serving sizes and download, save and/or print by using the Build My Own Meal plan option.  This also generates a shopping list for you!  I can move recipes into my own plan and customize them for us.

The first thing we made was the Lazy Lasagna Bake.  I made one for that night and one for the freezer, it didn’t take any longer than making dinner.  My family is very specific with what’s in their food, no onions, no vegetable chunks you see where I’m going with this. Even though the recipes are written with things they don’t like, I just left them out.  Our food was still delicious and they ate it all!  Others on my September menu were Slow Cooker Cheeseburger Soup and Chicken Fajita Bake.

I’m very pleased with how easy this site makes it for me to plan ahead.  I can make 10 meals in an hour to freeze for later or I can make one for dinner and freeze the other for later.  Both save me so much time and I know I’m feeding my family good food. I love that the site is set up with plans for all chicken or pork or beef, so if you find a sale you can do a set of meals for just that meat.  This is great to put those away in the freezer and hit to next sale and keep doing like that until your freezer is full of a great variety of meals and you’ve saved a lot of time and money.

This site has given me food planning freedom!  There are some many choices that I can make great meals for my picky family.  I have been more successful with meal planning than I have been in a long time.  I know that if I can’t get to something I have back ups in the freezer.

This month I’m looking forward to Bacon Cheeseburger Nachos and Upside Down Frito Pie!!!


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Many, many other families on the Homeschool Review Crew had the opportunity to use this freezer meal planning site also.  She what they thought of it and how they liked it by clicking on the banner below. Freezer Meal Plan Membership {MyFreezEasy}

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