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We received a one year  Help Teaching Pro Subscription from This has been a great supplement for Evie’s kindergarten.  There are so many subjects and grade levels to choose from.  She has worked on cutting practice, math, reading, holidays and more!

I was very impressed with Help Teaching.   I liked the variety available and Evie liked the pictures. She helped me pick out the ones she wanted to work on for the day.   Because we are just starting with kindergarten this month, we used just the printables.  There is also an online platform to use.  I think that part would be better suited for a student a little older.

Evie is a worksheet and crafting kinda student.  She is enjoying learning so much and most days wants school to go on and on!  I’m so glad to see her enthusiasm for learning!!!  I have found so many fun pages for her to work on from this site.   The one in the above picture is a set of printable math cards.  She attached a clothes pin to the right answer.  She loved doing this and pulls them back out of her workbooks occasionally to work on by herself.

These were also cards that we could use with clothes pins, but we used it as a worksheet.  Evie enjoyed circling the letter that the picture started with.

We also used this one as a worksheet.  There are so many possibilities this most of these printables.  I am planning on printing and laminating many more.  I had to be picky right now with laminating since I was almost out of laminating film.  I just ordered some more, so I’ll be on a roll again soon.

There are many worksheets for books we are reading.  I liked the review questions.  Here’s one for Charlotte’s Web and we also used the one for Corduroy.  I was impressed by how many were available for the younger kids book.

Evie is not at this level yet, but I have used worksheets like this one for David.  He is in 5th grade this year.

You can find on these social media sites:

I am being very stubborn in updating my old Vista run laptop because I love it.  Window’s Vista has always had it’s challenges, but now that it’s so outdated I have had problems with some things not being compatible.  I had no problems at all with using this site with my dinosaur computer.  So if you have an older computer or the kids use one this will work with absolutely no problems!!!

The Pro Subscription is $24.95 per year.  They have something for all students from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  The subscription includes unlimited printable worksheets and test from Test Maker, up to 100 questions per test or worksheet with images, ability to save as PDF, unlimited online tests and worksheets, pre-made Common Core content, CCSS aligned standards.

Many other families on the TOS Review Crew had the opportunity to use this too.  Click on the banner below to see what they thought of it.


Help Teaching Pro Subscription {}

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