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Can Do Cubes Review

If you know me and how we “do school”, you know that we love to do hands on projects.  I say that I try to teach to multiple learning styles, but honestly I get bored with books and workbooks.  I think I’m teaching to my learning style. Luckily many of my kids are just like their momma and learn very well by doing.  Teaching phonics is no different.  We received Can Do Cubes from (just2duck LLC) to go along with their phonics and grammar curriculum.  These cubes were a great addition to reinforce the reading lessons that Evie (5 1/2) has been working on.  Evie is getting ready to formally start Kindergarten this year.  She was in a PreK/Kindergarten class last year at our co-op and very excitedly tells everyone that she has already graduated Kindergarten, but she gets to do it again!!  She’s SO super duper excited to be doing school!

59 polished wooden cubes with laser engraved letters come in this cute box so you can see them.  There are 2 levels of blocks, the first 27 are Stage 1 with simple alphabetic code.  The second 32 more complex alphabetic code.  Two of these blocks are connected by a string to represent  split digraph sounds. Also includes are a handbook for stages 1 and 2, a dvd, phonics chart, word chart and online PDF templates and worksheets for printing. This set is $95.oo with free shipping to all US schools.


In the past I have made or bought some letter flash cards or used letter magnets to make words.  This has worked pretty well.  The kids have enjoyed making real and made up words as they are learning the sounds that those letters make. These hands on activities seem to help them with their reading skills.  These Can Do Cubes took my idea up a notch.  In addition to putting the letters together to sound out and make words, many of these blocks have more than one letter on them.

In the picture above you can see the “ck” block.  These blocks go right along with the Jolly Phonics curriculum.  Early in their lessons they introduced “ck” with single letters so your student can make bigger words earlier.  I really liked how these went together and the flexibility these blocks gave us to make words with these “combination” blocks.  “C” and “K” together make one sound, so it just made sense that it was one block!  I loved this!

Evie enjoyed finding the blocks that corresponded with her lesson and physically making the words that she just learned!  Activities like this are a concrete sign to me that my kids are getting it.

Can Do Cubes can be used by themselves or with any other curriculum.  I think they are very well made and love the box that they come it.  All the blocks and additional materials fit in it very well for storage.


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Can Do Cubes

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