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ABeCeDarian Company Reading Review


My  5 year old daughter was excited to use the Interactive A Workbook from ABeCeDarian Company because she gets to my Kindle for school like her big brother.  She is so ready to be one of the “big kids”.  She officially starts Kindergarten in the fall, but is very willing to get started a little early.

This program was a little different than what I first assumed.  I knew that there was some parent involvement needed, but I was still thinking this was some type of interactive online reading game.  This is a workbook much like the paper ones you have your children work in, but it’s completely online.  At first I thought this wasn’t a very good idea, but I soon saw the wisdom in it.

I, as the teacher, still read the instructional lesson from the Teacher’s Manual-A.  Since I received the online Interactive Workbook, I received a pdf version.  There is also a paper version available (I think this is a great investment at $9.95).

We used both on a desk top computer and a Kindle.  Both took a few minutes to load, be patient the black screen does continue to the workbook.  I got Evie to where her lesson was and read the directions from the Teacher’s Manual that I had pulled up on another device.  I first thought that this was going to be too hard for her.  It started right away with three letters that needed to be arranged to form a word.  There was no sound, no fun characters, just letters.  I quickly learned the point of the whole curriculum.  The student learns the sounds of the letters, not the names of the letters.  Soon she could recognize the letter’s sounds and move them to the bottom of the page to form a word!  She did that a few times and then worked on some handwriting with those same words.  Her letters were not perfect but there was no buzzers telling her she was wrong or characters telling her to try again.  It was just like a workbook!  I guess sometimes I make things too hard!  It was great to tell her she did a good job and click to move on to the next page!!

There are 48 lessons. You can click on any of them to begin.  None of your previous work is saved and each lesson starts at the beginning, not where you left off.

This is where your student sounds out each letter and brings down each tile to form a word.


I can’t say enough good things about the Teacher’s Manual.  This manual is used for both the physical and online workbook and has an amazing amount of information in it.  No matter with format you prefer, this is a wonderful reading program.

Level A Student Workbook (online) $14.95 for one year access, $4.95 for each additional year.

Physical Workbooks are approximately $14.95 each.

You can find the ABeCeDarian Company on Facebook.

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