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I have loved notebooking and lapbooking for a LONG time.  We have been homeschooling since 1997 and I’ve looked for a lot of resources for the projects we’ve worked on. go right along with the “Charlotte Mason” style learning we like to do.  I was very excited that we were given a Lifetime Membership to  They have thousand of printable pages for just about anything you can imagine!

These pages are created by Debra Reed, a homeschooling mom of 10. Her mission is “to help moms break free from busywork, burnout, and overwhelm to find the success they desire for their children and to homeschool with freedom”.  I love reading through the website and the emails that she sends.  Debra is such an encourager.  She wants to help all homeschool families find ways to have school work be more memorable and fun.  She has put so much into these wonderful resources. There are so many to choose from on so many subjects.

  • Basic Lined Set
  • Bible
  • Alphabet
  • Famous Artists
  • Famous Composers
  • World Explorers
  • Copywork
  • Ancient History
  • Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • Reformation
  • Modern Times
  • Nature Study (plants & animals)
  • Science
  • Countries: USA, Canada, & Australia
  • Timelines
  • Book of Centuries

Soon after I received our membership, my son David had a project to do for Cub Scouts.  It was to make a timeline showing important dates in Boy Scout history, dates in David’s scout history and also dates that where important to David.  I thought this would be the perfect time to see what I could find on this website to use.  Very quickly I found blank timeline pages.  I printed out a few of them, taped them together and color coded the dates that David researched and chose.  He was very pleased with the outcome of his project.  He came home after scouts and told me that his leader really liked his timeline.  David was proud of his job well done!

Evie and Thomas are working on their letters and their names.  I printed out an alphabet page for each of them, a page with lines to practice their names and each of them got a little book with the first letter of their name. lifetime members receive:

  • all current and future notebooking products
  • Search bar and Table of Contents
  • Tutorials, tips and videos
  • unlimited lifetime access
  • membership price $97.00

I love that I have unlimited access to these materials and that I can print as many copies as I need for my family.  There have been so many times that I have not been able to find what I was looking for while working on a lapbook for a unit study.  Here I found so many pages to pick from and they are open ended (not worksheets) so your child can put in the information that you are working on.  In the end they will have a physical reminder of all the things that they learned. has a free membership area with many, many pages available.  Look here to get an idea of what they have to offer.

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Many other families had the opportunity to use Notebooking pages also.  Click on the banner below to see how they used these versatile pages and what they thought about them.

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