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Stopmotion Explosion Review

Our family has been toying with stop animation for years.  My oldest son made lots of short movies when he was younger.  Our boys are 10 years apart and the younger ones want to do everything like the older one.  I knew David (my 10 year old) would be ecstatic when we had the chance to receive the Stopmotion Explosion Animation Kit from Stopmotion Explosion. Just the name of the product made him jump for joy!!  Even before the package came, his mind was thinking about what his movie would be about.

We received the Stopmotion Explosion Animation Kit ($79.00 value).

It included:

  • Includes 720p HD video camera (with internal microphone, manual focus, and clip)
  • 290+ page Stopmotion Explosion book
  • animation software

The book has SO much good information in it.  It has movie ideas as well as how to use the program.  It gives tips on lighting, backgrounds and adding audio.  I was very impressed to see how much information was in here!

David was ready to make his movie with his Legos so we popped in the CD and downloaded the program into the computer.  I did have a few problems getting it started, but I think it was user error and using a computer I’m not as familiar with. Even with my minor set back, it was loaded quickly and it prompted me to plug in the camera to set it up with the program.  There is an audio program that came with it and it loaded with no problems.

I don’t know how many people you have in your house, but we have LOTS! When we are getting ready to do something really fun (or I get on the phone) everyone comes running!!!  My littles don’t take naps anymore and don’t sit for movies so we got to make some stop animation movies with everyone!  As nice as it was to do it as a family, it did create some challenges.  My 10 year old producer did not like the input that his 5 year old sister and 3 year old brother where trying to have in his creation.  This did slow down our filming a little.

David did get to make a few movies and he enjoyed the process.  He realized that he needed to slow down and take his time to get the results he wanted, but that was really hard to do.  Although the program has additional features like editing and creating audio, he was very pleased with the simple videos he made and he will continue working with this program to making bigger and better productions.

The quality of the video was much better played in another program, but I didn’t know how to load it here to my blog.  This is default quality Photobucket chose.

We were hoping big brother could make some movies with this since he grew up doing it with no programs, but he was down with 2 illnesses and didn’t have a chance to use it yet.  Maybe the two boys can work on it together sometime soon.

You can find Stopmotion Explosion on Facebook and Twitter.

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Stopmotion Explosion ReviewCrew Disclaimer


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