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Logic of English Essentials Review

We had the opportunity to review Logic Of English‘s Foundations in 2013, so when we could review the Essentials level, we jumped on the chance.  David is now 10 and in 4th grade, he still have some reading challenges that we are working on.  He enjoyed the first level we worked on so I was excited to move on to this next level with him.  The Essentials level is recommended for children ages 8 and up (2nd to 6th grade).

We received Essentials Second Edition Complete Set Volume One. This company goes above and beyond!  Look at what we received:

  • Teacher’s Guide book
  • Student Workbook
  • Spelling Journal
  • Basic Phonogram flashcards
  • Advanced Phonogram flashcards
  • Spelling Rule Flashcards
  • Grammar Flashcards
  • Morpheme Flashcards Set One
  • Phonogram Game Cards
  • Deck of Manuscript or Cursive Cards
  • Phonogram Tile Cards
  • Phonogram and Spelling Quick Reference laminated sheet
  • Spelling Analysis Card
  • The Essential Reader (Digital)
  • The Essential Reader Student Activity Book (Digital)
  • The Essential Reader Teacher’s Guide (Digital)

This is a complete phonics, grammar, reading, handwriting, reading comprehension and vocabulary curriculum, a one stop language arts product.  The Logic of English Company does not leave anything out!  Their Teacher’s Guides are excellent and walk you through each of these detailed lessons.

Even though we worked on a prior level, no prerequisites are required.  We hadn’t used our Foundations level in a few years, but jumped right into this Essentials level.  If you haven’t used Logic of English before, don’t let that stop you, jump in right where you are! They placement test in the beginning tell you just where to start.

Logic of English is great for remedial work.  At the Essentials level, there is not a lot of “baby” pictures or work.  David never felt the workbook or lessons were for younger children.  We could take it at his pace by stopping when needed and picking up right there the next time.

Essentials has 3 levels so you can actually work with multiple students and multiple levels all at the same time. This is great for families teaching more than one level.  It is a money saver since only the student workbooks and spelling journals are consumable.

Here is a sample of weekly lessons:

  • Day 1: Essential Concepts
  • Day 2: Building Words
  • Day 3: Words in Context
  • Day 4: Words in Action
  • Day 5: Check your Understanding

We had no problem slowing this down to fit David’s needs. There is virtually no prep time because the Teacher’s guide is so well done.  As a teacher I open to the lesson we are working on, make sure I have gathered what we needed and read the lesson to my student.  These lessons are not boring or tedious.  They teach a wide variety of language arts material in a comprehensive and engaging way with enough hands-on activities to keep my student interested.  When I saw that David’s attention was starting to wander, we stopped for the day and picked up the next.

We used the readers as a fun extra after our lesson.  Since David still doesn’t like to read, we took turns reading and that helped keep him motivated.

You can find Logic of English on these social media sites: Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest

Many other families on the Schoolhouse Review Crew reviewed this and other products from Logic of English.  Click on the banner below to see what they thought out what they received.

Logic of English Review

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