Superbook: A Giant Adventure Movie Review

I love it when our family gets the chance to review movies!  I was very excited to have the opportunity to review Superbook: A Giant Adventure from FishFlix.com.  I had heard about FishFlix.com before, but had never seen what they had to offer.  I was very pleased with the movie we received.  My kids loved it!

I think the biggest collection of movies we have is our “David and Goliath” collection.  I think having a son named David is what spurred on this collection.  This version has a cute twist.  Two modern day children, Chris and Joy, and their robot, Gizmo go back in time with the help of “Superbook” to meet young David of Bible times.  Chris was trying out for the school band when his guitar string broke and he was too embarrassed to continue.  When he leaves the stage unable to tryout and meets up with Joy and Gizmo and travel back in time.  They are chased by a bear and saved by a young boy named David.  They become friends. David and Chris play music together.  David reminds him to do everything for God as he gave them the talents that they have.  Chris and Joy learn first hand about being brave and doing everything for God when they watched him bravely kill Goliath. When they travel back to modern times Chris gets up the courage to try his audition again.  He does great and makes the band.

This was a fun retelling of a traditional Bible story.  It captured the attention of my younger children and even my 10 year old, David liked it.  I took it to church with me and shared it with the kids in the nursery.  They liked it too!  I would like to collect more Superbook movies to add to this one.  I’m glad the FishFlix.com offers more.

I had not heard of the Superbook series before.  My family really enjoyed this one.  I learned that they are produced by the Christian Broadcasting Network.  It caught my eye that the address was in Virginia Beach- I’m always looking for things that are “local”.

There is a small Family Discussion Guide inside our movie cover with information Bible verses that go with the movie (A Special Gift, A Fierce Battle and An Amazing Victory), prayers, a section about salvation and a message from Gordon Robertson from CBN as the Executive Producer of the movie. Superbook also has a family safe website for your kids to explore.

FishFlix.com offers a huge variety of Christain movies.  Their children’s section alone has many, many titles.  It includes other Superbook movies, Torchlighters, Veggie Tales, the Music Machine and so many more. FishFlix.com was created to have a selection on Christian and family movies all in one place.  I like knowing that everything on their site is safe for my family.

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Many of us on The Schoolhouse Review Crew had the opportunity to review movies from FishFlix.com.  Click on the banner below to see what they had to say about the movie that they received.


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