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Grapevine Studies: New Testament Review

We had the opportunity to review another product from Grapevine Studies.  In November we were introduced to Grapevine Studies when we reviewed The Birth of Jesus.  This time we got to try The New Testament Overview Part 1: Level 1 Birth of Jesus to Jesus’ Ministry.

We received a digital download that included Level 1 Teacher Book, Student work pages and traceable pages.  I used this with David (10), Evie (5) and Thomas (3).  It was Evie who LOVED this!  She worked ahead of her brothers and really learned a lot!

It has been an absolute pleasure to use this fun Bible curriculum with my kids.  At first I thought it was nice and well done, but I don’t think I really understood how we were going to use it to the fullest of our ability.  I relied heavily on the traceable this time and it made a huge difference.

When I received the download I printed the Teacher Book out so I had it all together, then I printed about two weeks of pages for the kids. I printed the traceable for Thomas and Evie and the other pages for David. The traceables are recommended for 3 to 5 year old.  This was perfect for my little ones.  I read from the Teacher Book, then the littles traced the pictures on their page.  It was nice for David to look at his brother and sister’s pages to see exactly what he was supposed to be drawing.

The kids enjoyed learning about the Bible timeline and the events in the New Testament.  I expected them to learn that and they caught on very quickly.  They are able to repeat almost exactly what I read.  The lesson is definitely reinforced by them drawing it.  What I didn’t expect was for them to draw so well.  Especially the ones using the traceables, they did GREAT! They were not self conscious at all.  They just traced the best that they could or copied what they saw.  My delight came when they took blank sheets of paper and kept drawing and drew out other stories with similar stick figures.  Not only did they learn about the Bible, they gained drawing skills and self confidence. They are so proud of their work and excited to show it to the rest of the family.


Here is a sample of Evie’s work.


Here is one before their lesson.

This study can be done in 12 weekly lessons for 45 daily lessons.  We chose to work on the daily lessons.  We liked doing just a little bit at a time and really talking about it.  This was a nice pace for us. We worked on it for about 15-20 minutes per day.  The weekly schedule would be great for Sunday School or co-op classes.  I will keep this study in mind to use again at home in the future or at church and co-op with the classroom license.

Here are the prices for the New Testament Review Part 1:

  • Student ebook (family license) $10.00, ebook (classroom license) $37.50, physical book (one student) $12.50
  • Teacher Level 1-2 ebook $18.00, physical book $22.50
  • Traceables ebook (family license) $10.00, ebook (classroom license) $37.50, physical book (one student) $12.50
  • PDF Schedule: Daily $3.00 and Weekly $3.00

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