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Surfing the Net: Science (The Critical Thinking Co.) Review

I have been a big fan of The Critical Thinking Co. for some time now.  I was really excited when we were given the opportunity to pick from a few products to review.  These were a little different than what we had used before.  We chose Surfing the Net:Science.  Others on the TOS Review Crew reviewed this and Fun Time Phonics, The Basics of Critical Thinking, US History Detective Book 1 and Practical Critical Thinking.  You can see what they had to say about the product they received by clicking on the banner at the end of this post.

Surfing the Net: Science is recommended for grades 3-6.  David (4th grade) was my student who used this.  This large, 250 page soft cover book, contains seven sections: animals, atmosphere, ecosystems and habitats, energy, geology, plants and space.  Each section is approximately 20 pages filled with many interesting activities and places to go on the internet.

David worked on the geology section.  We chose this because he is working on the same thing in Cub Scouts.  The Webloes book has an elective that fit very well with this.  I love to incorporate my kids scout work with their school work.  They are able to learn and earn badges at the same time.

I didn’t catch the video at a very good spot, but here’s David watching a video on National Geographic’s website about volcanoes. The book gives web addresses to great videos and informational websites and has worksheets to go along with what they just learned. It also teaches the student to use keywords to learn about new subjects.  There are work sheets that walk the student through that process.

For this worksheet David was learning about different kinds of rocks.  In the geology section of this book, he learned the 3 different kinds of rocks,  how to identify the specific kind of rock, how to use the Moh’s hardness scale and so much more.

David really enjoyed this book.  I was a little worried because in his mind school and the computer are two totally different things that should never come together.  I knew he has enjoying studying geology and he likes videos online, but I have made assumptions before that have ended very badly.  This time I was pleasantly surprised that he enjoyed this!  He didn’t like the writing portion of the worksheets, but if I promised to help him with that he continued happily through the lesson.  He (and I) have learned a lot from this book.  We have also found many really great websitse that I never knew about.

We are both looking forward to working through other sections in this book.  I have never been disappointed with any product I have used from The Critical Thinking Co.!

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