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Middlebury French Review

I usually shy away from foreign language reviews, but Allie really wanted to take French this year.  When we had the opportunity to review Middlebury Interactive Languages High School French I, we jumped at the chance!! Allie is a junior this year and needed another foreign language credit.  She decided to take this online French class and has been very pleased with is program.  We were given 6 months access to the first semester to review.

Because this is exclusively an online program, we found a few challenges here and there.  One being that we do not have the fastest internet.  If others in the house are using it, it slows down everyone’s speed.  There were only a few times that this effected Allie’s ability to use this program.  Another challenge she had was her choice of browser.  This program did not work well with Mozilla Firefox.  Once Allie switched to Microsoft Edge she no longer had a problem.

Here is the Table of Contents.  This was helpful to see where the midterms and the finals were in the schedule.  You can go to your lessons from here, but Allie used the calendar because she could see where she was and which lessons were completed.

This is what the calendar looks like.  Allie clicked on the lesson for the day, once she completed it a check mark was added. Normally each block would only have one lesson, but as a reviewer, having two lessons in each block gave us access to a full semester’s worth of lessons.  Each unit contains daily lessons, there are 5 lessons in each unit.  Each unit has a different list of French words and other French information for you to learn.  The calendar does not have lessons on weekend or holidays.  We did not find where we could alter the calendar as our schedule changed.  Because of this, Allie just went back to the last lesson she did and went forward from there regardless of what the calendar date was.  I would have loved to see and easy edit button to change the schedule as needed.

Each lesson was a little  different. Allie liked the variety.  Here’s a few of them:

  • listen to the audio and check if you heard the word or not
  • matching- listen to the words and click to see it in English, then match the French words to the picture or definition.
  • listen to a sentence, record your self saying it- this is class participation
  • list to a short story, fill in the blanks.  It gives you the first and last letters of the word.  French words that you haven’t learned yet are clickable so you can learn them as you go (her least favorite section)
  • listen/read, record what they say, then record your answer (she didn’t like this one either)
  • conjugating verbs was her favorite!
  • journal writing: randomly in a lesson you will be asked to write 4-6 complete sentences in a journal.  Sometimes you can do them in French and sometimes in English.

The grade book shows the grades for each assignment.  It shows when the assignment was due, when it was submitted and a grade.  You can view each assignment and see the students answers.  This is a nice feature so you can specifically see where your child may need some help.

Allie did one or two lessons per day 4 days a week.  Each lesson took her about 30 minutes.  She is really enjoying learning French this way and plans to continue until our subscription runs out.

Middlebury Interactive Languages can be found on many social media sites: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.

Many other people on the TOS Review Crew had the opportunity to review Middlebury Interactive Languages.  They received French, Spanish, Chinese and German for grades Kindergarten through High School.  Click on the banner below to see what others are saying.

 Middlebury Interactive Languages Review

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1 thought on “Middlebury French Review”

  1. Glad you are enjoying this program. I took French in college, such a beautiful language. We liked it too and in hindsight I should have had Madison take Spanish. Chinese is fun, although a bit challenging 😊

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