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George Washington: True Patriot Review

We have been studying the American Revolution this year.  I was so happy to have the chance to review George Washington: True Patriot from the Heroes of History Series by YWAM Publishing, including both the book and the Unit Study Curriculum Guide. These definately fit right in with what we were doing!

David (4th grade) and I read this book together.  We read a chapter a day for 19 days.  We both enjoyed it very much.  The book tells all about George Washington’s life.  It starts with his childhood.  David was able to relate to George Washington having many siblings.   David could sympathize with young George wanting to go into the woods to get some space.  We read about George getting older, his father dying and how this affected his mother and their relationship.  I was impressed that David could really understand each person through this book and how they related to each other.  We really liked that the book was written in such a way that you could envision what was happening.

Then we saw George Washington grow up and become a surveyor.  We learned that he was in the Great Dismal Swamp area, which is right here where we live! That sparked a small tangent to get more details on just where he was.  We learned that he soon went north to keep the French out of British Territory.

The book went on to walk us through what George Washington would have seen, thought and did leading up to, during and after the American Revolution.  There were lots of names and dates, but it was not overwhelming at all.  It gave us clear information to watch on our timeline and follow locations on our map.  We both learned so much reading this great book about George Washington.

The Unit Study Curriculum Guide is loaded with so many great ideas to expound on the information we learned from the book.  Like I mentioned before, David made a timeline and added events as we read.  He made a map of the Williamsburg/Hampton Roads area of Virginia and one map of the 13 colonies.  We were able to quickly see what we were reading about and follow George as he traveled.  We also used the chapter review questions in the Curriculum Guide.

Some of the activities suggested in the guide were above David’s 4th grade level, but we still found lots of useful ideas that were just right.  One of the ideas was to plan a culminating event at the end of your study.  We very excitedly planned a trip to Colonial Williamsburg.  It conveniently coincided with their Homeschool Days.  We are just watching the weather now to see if we can go this fall or if we will be waiting until spring.  Either way, our area is so rich with history we will be following George Washington’s steps with many of our other upcoming field trips.

YWAM Publishing also has a great Christian Heroes series.  I had reviewed Jim Elliot: One Great Purpose. This was also a great book!

So far I have loved everything I’ve read from Janet and Geoff Benge.  Their Curriculum Guides have been great additions!  I look forward to reading more from them!

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