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Horizon’s Preschool Curriculum Review

My kids are some of those “unfortunate homeschoolers” that have to school through the summer.  It’s not too bad, we can take lots of breaks for holidays, birthdays and any other thing that life throws at us!  When we had the opportunity to have my littlest students try Alpha Omega Publications’ Horizon’s Preschool for Threes Curriculum Set, I knew they would be excited!!!  I purposed picked the set for three year olds since Thomas just turned three.  It was perfect for him!!! The lessons include Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments, letters, words, shapes, colors and activities to reinforce them.

We received the entire Preschool for Threes set:

  • Bible Story Reader
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Student Workbook
  • Student Workbook Companion

The books are sturdy paperbacks with beautiful, matching purple covers.  The Teacher’s Guide is very easy to follow and has great supplemental activities. It directs you to read the lesson’s story from the Bible Story Reader and to use a worksheet from the workbook each day.  The last day in the lesson, the student uses a page from the Student Workbook Companion.  These pages are a little bit thicker than the regular workbook pages.


Each lesson was very appropriate for Thomas’ age.  His attention span was very short, but he understood each of the lessons we did and completed his worksheet.  He wasn’t able to do everything on his worksheet as per the directions, but he did GREAT for just turning 3.  He was so excited that this was school that he could do!

There are 40 lessons all together, 20 from the Old Testament and 20 from the New Testament.  Each lesson has 5 worksheet and many, many supplemental activities to go with it.  These include cooking, music, art, science, phonics, math, colors and others.  These were all great for Thomas!!  When I added these additional activities I also added a few more things that were age appropriate for Evie (4).  This worked out great for them to learn together.  The lessons were right on target for Thomas’ age and I added just a little to what they had to include Evie.

We have worked on the first few lessons, each one has taken us a little more than a week.  Thomas and Evie really only spend about 30 minutes on everything that is planned for the day.  I can say that they thoroughly understand each lesson we have done and look forward to their “school”.  Before we are ready to begin the next lesson, I sit down and plan some of the supplemental activities and prep what they need.  It doesn’t take me long at all and I’m all ready for them to start.  I wasn’t as prepared when we first started and it didn’t work as well when they had to wait for me to find their papers or to cut something out for them.  Just 20-30 minutes of prepping for the following week has been a great help.  The Teacher’s Guide makes it easy since they have so many great things to pick from.

We are looking forward to working through the rest of the book this year.  I’m excited to see them have so much fun learning!  Best of all it’s easy for me to get it ready for them!!!

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