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Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt

We received Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt to review.  Home School in the Woods makes some great products and we were very excited to start!

As I was cleaning up our school area and curriculum shelves, I found all these great projects that my older daughter did two years ago.  I really didn’t know that much about it, other that it looked so fun!  It wasn’t until we started our Egypt study that I realized my daughter’s projects were from Project Passport!  She had done the Middle Ages unit.  She hasn’t been home most of the summer because she has been at camp, so she hasn’t seen all the fun we’ve been having learning about Egypt and putting together all the fun projects.  When she was here last week, she said how much she enjoyed the Middle Ages study and that she learned so much!

We received this as a digital download (also available on CD).  I had no problem downloading it, but wasn’t quite sure were to start!  There’s so much great stuff in there!  I did find the instructions (called an itinerary) and began putting together the first stop for David.  I also set up some of the things for the two littles to work on while David and I did the quieter stuff.  It is recommended that students be between third and eighth grade.  David is just finished 3rd grade.  He’s really enjoying working through this, but need a lot of help.  I have put together everything he needs for the lesson ahead of time and then he can do the work (with help) without getting overwhelmed.  When my older daughter did the Middle Ages one she did all the work herself.  I was not aware at first how much prep I would have to do ahead of time, but it has very very worth my time.  The projects are great and he (and I) are learning so much!!!

The premise of this study is to feel like you have actually visited Ancient Egypt.

  • We made passports:
  • We made luggage, complete with a tag:
  • We constructed a timeline:
  • a map
  • a newspaper
  • postcards
  • projects for a lapbook

Because of David’s age and his limited attention span we have taken this very slowly.  Instead of completing a stop in a week, we have stretched it out and just complete and activity or two a day.  He’s really learning so much and is taking pride in his creations!  I love that you can pick and choose how much or how little you would like to do.  David will have a great collection of project and memories when he is done!

This study consists of 25 “stops”.  Each stop teaches you something new, similar to going from place to place on vacation.  This has been a great hands-on learning experience.  The download or CD includes all the instructions and printables, also audio files.  I love to do projects like these with my kids!  We plan to work through all the stops in Egypt.  In the future I would love to travel to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and Reformation.  Their website says there is more to come!  I’m looking forward to what they add!

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