July 2015 Blogging Challenge

Introduction (Day #1)


Well, I’ve decided to join a blogging challenge in July!  I’m going to play catch up, here is Day #1.

Hi!  I’m Trish! The picture above is my family.  I have been married to George for 25 years.  We will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary on July 28th.  We have 7 kids: Katie (23), Maddie (21), George (19), Allie (16), David (9), Evie (4) and Thomas (3 this month).  We also have a son-in-law, Charles and 2 grandchildren, Micah and Harper.

We live in a rural part of North Carolina in the Dismal Swamp.  We are about 1 hour from Virginia Beach and 2 hours from the Outer Banks.  We’ve homeschooled for 18 years now and have many more to go!

I am an active volunteer in many of the things we are involved with,  church, homeschool co-op and many different scout troops.  We have a small (and hopefully growing) farm/homestead.  Lots of chickens this year.  Sadly, no bees or pigs right now.  We have been breeding labs and labradoodles for 10 years now.  We keep in contact with the puppies forever homes and love to see pictures of them.  I have worked in retail in some way all my life,  I have recently become a Thirty One consultant.

I like to craft; scrapbook, crochet, etc but haven’t had much time for it in the recent years.  I’m slowly returning to some of it.  I’m a gardening want to be.  I am doing decently well with anything perennial, but annuals are a different story.

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