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Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

If you look through my blog, I have reviewed many products from Apologia Educational Ministries and I have NEVER been disappointed by any of them!!!  This time I got the chance to review Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal.  This spiral bound journal is such a fun product!  I don’t know about all homeschoolers, but we LOVE field trips!  We enjoy getting out and seeing what we are learning about.  This journal was made to make that process even more educational, but in such a fun way!!!

This is a sturdy book for being a soft cover spiral bound.  It can definitely travel with you and be used! It is a nice size for kids to handle and has the room to draw and journal in it.  It is 64 pages.

This book is divided into nine sections:

  • Preparing for a Field Trip
  • Field Trip Ideas
  • Places I’ve Explored Maps
  • How to Use the “Specific Trip” pages
  • Field Trip Pages
  • How to Use “My Special Spot” pages
  • My Special Spot Pages
  • How to Use “As I See It” Pages
  • As I See It Pages

There is lots of great information in the first two sections.  It reminds you to prepare before going on your trip, including researching what you’ll see first.  It also gives some great “out of the box” field trip ideas.  Sometimes I think our field trips need to be so big, well planned out and only certain places like museums count, but this reminded me that anywhere we go can be turned into a field trip.  With this reminder, I chose the beach!

The next section is “Places I’ve Explored”.  The first page is for your state, the next one in the United States and the next one is the world.  You have places to mark the date and the destination.  The beach was here in North Carolina so we got to make an entry in the first page.  It will be neat to see our trips broken down by location.  What makes it fun is that we live just 2 miles from the Virginia border so we will have lots for NC and VA relatively easily.

The Field Trip Day pages are where you can put more specific information about your trip. There are 10 identical pages for this, they include prompts for:

  • Map
  • Date and Time
  • Emergency Contact Plan
  • I want to see or do
  • Books I’ve read for this trip
  • My Photo or Drawing
  • Story of my Day
  • Something I never want to forget

The Special Spot pages are to record seasonal changes of a location you choose.  There are 4 layouts, one for each season, for your child to record how his spot changes throughout the year.  They are encouraged to make a map of the area, take a picture or make a drawing, note the date, temperature and rainfall.  In the how to use this section, students are reminded to look at color of things, signs of animals and life cycle changes.

The last section is the “As I See It” section.  There are 17 pages to record what you are seeing.  The first few pages have prompts: movement, reflection and shadows, 2d, 3d and 4d, predators and prey, heavens and earth, life cycle and then some blank pages for other categories.

We look forward to using this to record more field trips for our family.  So far we only have an entry for visiting the Outer Banks in North Carolina (our state) and we have begun to record our day in the Field Trip Pages.

I really like this journal.  It’s a great resource in planning field trips and storing your field trip memories.  It seems to be written with classrooms in mind, but it works great for families or even one individual student.  We are sharing ours as a family. What I love most about Apologia is that it’s written with a Christian perspective.  This isn’t just a field trip guide, but you are exploring God’s creation!!!  Apologia has also included some bonus material that you can access online with a code in the book.

Apologia can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

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