S is for Smiling Sunrise Review

S is for Smiling Sunrise is a book from WordsBright that teaches children the alphabet with beautiful illustrations and descriptive words that you can sing along to the ABC song.

We received this beautiful, 32 page, hardcover book and a MP3 file on cd in the mail.  My kids love books and instantly asked to have this read to them! David (9 years old) read one page and I read the other. We took turns throughout the whole book.  We had a very nice time reading it together.

When I got to the end of the book I read that the words on each page can be sung to the ABC song.  I went back to the beginning of the book, but wasn’t quite sure how the words fit with the tune.  We ran to the cd and put it in. We were all so excited to sing along with each page.  It was fun to sing through it!!!

Now that I’m teaching the alphabet to kids #6 and #7 and grandchildren, I’m very pleased to have a new way to do it.  We can still use the familiar tune we’ve been using, but in a whole new way!!!  This is a great resource to keep learning your ABC’s fun and add to your child’s vocabulary.

I was impressed with just how nice this book is.  Not only does it teach the kids the alphabet and has very nice pictures, but it teaches them values and vocabulary.  I was very happy to see words like infant, kaleidoscope, virtues and yacht. I was surprised (and proud) that my kids had no trouble with the work kaleidoscope!!

The author of this book is Vick Wadhwa is an entrepreneur and a scientist with a PhD in Pharmaceutical chemistry.  He was inspired by his toddler daughter to write rhymes that would be educational for her.  He designed this book with four goals: to teach and reinforce the alphabet, increase their vocabulary and comprehension, support character development and for this book to be enjoyed.

Here are a few free things that come with the book: word poster, mp3 song, parent’s guide and teacher’s guide.

This book is targeted for children 3 and up.  My kids, 2, 4 and 9 enjoyed it.  It is $16.95.

You can find author Vick Wadhwa and S is for Sunsine on Facebook.

Many others on the Schoolhouse Review Crew also received this book to review.  Please click on the banner below to see what they thought of S is for Smiling Sunrise.

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