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La La Logic Review

We received a lifetime subscription to La La Logic‘s Preschool Curriculum to review.  Evie (4) and Thomas (2) were so excited for their own “school”!!! As the little ones, they don’t always get the “school” time that they want.  They want to be like their older siblings.

La La Logic is a very easy Preschool Curriculum to use.  There is very little prep work involved and the lessons can be done in a very short amount of time.  My kids loved it, they don’t have a long attention span so it worked out great!  It will definitely adapt with them as they get older.  This curriculum is for kids 3-6. Older children can do 2 lessons per day.  It’s suggested that they do one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Right now we are doing one lesson each morning. It only take about 10-20 minutes.  It’s just short enough to keep their interest and just long enough for them to have had some fun focused learning time for the day.

There are 100 weeks of lessons. Each week is laid out for you on a printable page, you also print the supporting materials and worksheets.  Each week includes online activities, parent/student activities and a worksheet.  I liked that there were lots of activities for the week, but it didn’t take a lot of ink to print it.  There are very few supplies that are needed- scissors, glue sticks and crayons.  Other household objects are used in the activities.

Below is a screen shot from the website.  It’s great for tracking your child’s progress.

In addition to the printables, there is also an online portion.  My littles really like being on the computer, so they asked to use the program every day.  Evie was a pro at it.  She clicked away through the sections, not realizing she was working on logic problems!  It was neat to see her work on reasoning skills in a computer game that held her attention.  Thomas liked it too, but he’s still a little young for it. Next year he will do much better.

Critical thinking has always been very important in our homeschool.  This is the first time we have found a great curriculum that teaches critical thinking and reasoning to such young children.  We have always waited until the kids were older to be intentional about critical thinking practice.  I think this is great that we can introduce a preschool curriculum that teaches little ones to reason things out.

I really like this curriculum.

  • I like that it’s versatile enough to be most of your preschool/kindergarten curriculum or just a supplement.
  • I love that it’s only $29 for a lifetime subscriptions for up to 5 children!
  • I like that it’s both online and on paper
  • I like that some of it is independent work for your child and some you do together
  • I love that you can try it for free before you decide to buy

La La Logic can be found on Facebook.

Many others in the TOS Review Crew got to use this Preschool Curriculum too.  See what they had to say about it by clicking on the graphic below.

La La Logic Review

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1 thought on “La La Logic Review”

  1. So proud of Evie and Thomas, doing their school work 🙂 They are getting so big. Sounds like nicely planned well rounded, easy to use materials.

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