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HomeSchool Office Review

I love to stay organized.  No, actually I have no choice, I NEED to stay organized!  With 8 people in the house going in different directions all hours of the day, our schedule and calendar can be a MESS if I don’t keep up with it.  I was very excited when I got the chance to review HomeSchool Office from Lord Heritage.  I received a one year online subscription to use to keep us on track.

HomeSchool Office is a Christian planner.  Bible verses throughout help you to focus on why you are doing what you are doing and help you to be encouraged.  The acronym POWER is used to help you navigate the online program. P= Plan, O= Order, W=Work, E=Evaluate and R= Report.

This planner was made specifically with homeschoolers in mind.  It encompasses many things that a homeschool family would like to have all together in one place.

  • your homeschool info
  • your students info
  • an address book
  • info about other people who teach your children
  • lesson plans/scheduling by subject
  • attendance
  • master schedule
  • projects
  • budget
  • calendar
  • grades
  • reports

I’m sure there is so much more that I haven’t even discovered yet.

Since our school year is already in progress I mostly used the calendar feature.  It was easy to enter our events into the calendar. Then we are able to view them in different formats: month, week or day.  I can print this or give my family online access to see the calendar when they are out and making plans.  We really enjoy the convenience of an online calendar.  With so much going on, if it’s not on the calendar, it’s not happening!  We all check it and add or change what is needed.  It’s amazing how much confusion this has cut down on.  We can instantly look and see what’s happening on any given day.

This is also a great tool for creating transcripts.  I have graduated 3 children now and having everything entered in HomeSchool office would have made the transcript process much easier.  All the information you have been tracking in the program gets exported into a transcript.

This is the perfect tool for someone who is very plan oriented.  I have friends that create and plan all of their children’s lessons for each subject during the summer.  They know what will be done on any given day to complete the programs they have chosen.  This is totally the program for them! This is a very organized way to keep all of that information together.  I like that it’s online so you can access it from anywhere.  You can also print it if you like to hold a paper copy like I do.

I do tend to be on the eclectic side of homschooling, maybe an unschooling want-to-be, but as my children enter the upper grades it’s important to be able to keep good records for transcripts.  I will be using this next year from the start of school to keep track of Allie’s progress for her junior year.  I don’t think I’ll be organized enough to enter all of her lesson plans/subjects for each day, but I will make entries as we go and show her progress and grades.  I wish I had this when my other kids were in high school.  Transcripts were very intimating, having this would have helped immensely.

Many others on the Review Crew got to try this too.  Click on the banner below to see what they thought of it.

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