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Snake Oil Game Review

We were very fortunate to be able to receive and review a fun game called Snake Oil- Party Potion from Out of the Box Games.  It is for ages 8 and up.  I was a little worried how David would do since he’s 8, but he loved it.  He did ask for some reading help, but that didn’t discourage him at all.

This fun card game is $14.99 and is for 3-6 players. My kids were very happy to see a game to review!!  They couldn’t wait to play it.  David even scoured the internet to find videos about it.  We found it very easy to learn and quickly found out that it’s not really a good game for 3 year olds, but oh so funny when they play too!

Since it takes 3 people to play the game, David and I thought we’d just play a little practice round to get the feel of it and Evie (3 years old) was our third player.  We decided she would always be the “customer”, this proved to be very funny!!!!!  We would pitch our product to her and she would decide which one she liked best.

When we had Allie (15) back, we played the way the directions told us to.  Each player takes turns being the “customer”.  These are the targets you pitch your products to.  Some of them are grandma, clown, dog, toddler, magician, etc.  The other people combine 2 out of their 6 cards to come up with a product targeted directly to your customer.  You get time to try and convince them that they want your product and not the other people’s items.  Whom ever they “buy” from gets the customer’s card.  The player with the most customer cards at the end of the game is the winner.

This game really brought out some interesting qualities in my children.  I was impressed by their creativity. I pitched a kitty potty to a grandma, a nap coat to a snowman, and a scooter purse to a waitress. They came up with great stuff too!  My strategy was to make really gross “boy” type products for my son, but he saw right through that and quickly foiled my plan.  There were some interesting products since we could chose a potty, butt and snot.  There were many, many more that were not gross!

Not only did my kids learn to create products with random words, they learned to tailor them to a specific costumer.  They also learned where the name of the game came from.  They never hear of snake oil before.  There is a section in the directions that teaches where the negative connotation of being a snake oil salesperson came from.  We laughed as we played and asked each other if our products really had anything real in them or if we were just scammers.

We will play this for years to come.  I’m sure they will be sharing it with friends and family when they come over!

Out of the Box Games can be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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