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IXL Review

We were privileged to have the opportunity to review IXL again this year.  We were given access to both IXL Math and IXL Language.  IXL Math offers lessons for Prek to PreCalculus including over 3000 math skills.  IXL Language has lesson for grades 2 to 8 including more than 800 skills from parts of speech to Latin roots.

We used IXL math as a supplement to what David is doing this year.  He had tried IXL math last year and I was curious to see if his opinion had changed, as his skills have definitely improved since then. He was excited learn there was an app, as last year he just worked on the computer.

We used the IXL app on my Kindle.  It was easy to download and sign into my existing account.  David did like that he was a little more mobile with the Kindle. We were able to sit comfortably on the couch and work on math.  I wish there was an app for iphones too.  It would have been nice to use it while we were in the van or out for the day away from our wifi.

David worked on 3rd grade math.  There are 24 sections for him to pick from.

  • numbers and comparing
  • place values
  • addition
  • subtraction
  • multiplication
  • multiplication skill builders
  • division
  • division skill builders
  • mixed operations
  • properties
  • equations and variables
  • estimation and rounding
  • logical reasoning
  • money
  • time
  • data and graphs
  • measurement
  • geometry
  • understand fractions
  • equivalent fractions
  • compare fractions
  • operations with fractions
  • decimals
  • probability and statistics

He is still working in the first four, but is doing well.  I really like IXL, I like that it’s computer based, I like how it progresses from topic to topic and I like how it could be much more than a supplement with parental involvement.  David, on the other hand, was easily bored with it.  It did not hold the attention of my very busy 8 year old boy.  This is the same with all online or computer learning activities.  He is not able to sit long enough to complete much. I hope with age and practice this will change.

I decided to let my 3 1/2 year old try the PreK math to see if she could benefit.  She did like it and was answering things correctly.  Since she can not read, it needed to be read to her.  There was a box to click on to have it read to her.  She did it for a little bit, but soon got tired to having to ask it to read to her. I think if I stayed with her, I could encourage her to go further.  I would have enjoyed the ability to choose to have it automatically read it and speak everything out loud to her.

IXL can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Google+


  • annual subscriptions: one child/one subject $79, one child math and language arts $129
    • two children math $99, two children math and language arts $149
  • monthly subscriptions: one child/one subject $9.95, one child math and language arts $15.95
    • each additional child adds $2 per month

Many others from the TOS Review Crew had the opportunity to review IXL and it’s many levels.  Please click on the banner below to see what they had to say about it. Click to read Crew ReviewsCrew Disclaimer


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